15 Exclusive Halal Fine Dining London Spots (for Proper Posh Halal Food)

Ever wanted to dress up and eat at one of the best halal fine dining restaurants in London? Yes? Then you’re going to be happy you’ve come across The London Local today, and I promise I’m going to tell you all about the best halal restaurants in London.

Looking for a halal Japanese restaurant? Or for the best halal steak in London? Check, and check. It’s not always easy to find the best halal posh restaurants when you don’t know where to look. Some of the big names offer an all halal meat menu, while some of the best halal Michelin star restaurants in London only have a few options on halal food. That’s fine. I’ve taken care of it for you, and you’re not going to leave any of those posh restaurants half hungry.

Halal Fine Dining in London: The Ultimate Fancy Restaurants for a Romantic Date

If you’re a greedy peep as I am, you’re going to want to check out my huge list of the best halal places to eat in London, all compiled here on The London Local. From Malaysian food to halal restaurants in Camden Town or Canary Wharf and halal English breakfast, you’ll find it all there.

It only felt natural to write about some of the coolest fancy halal restaurants in London. Love food, don’t we? Even better if it’s the tastiest food around. I know fine dining is a treat, that’s why I’ve also written about the coolest posh halal restaurants in Mayfair and amazingly romantic halal restaurants with a view in London a while back – feel free to take a look for your special occasions!

A Short Intro To The Best Halal Fine Dining in London

Enough rambling – let’s get on with the best fine dining halal restaurants in London. I’ve included some of the best halal Chinese food, some Indian restaurants, some British food, and of course, the best places to snatch a halal steak in London. There’s just a bit of everything so you really have space and options to enjoy a variety of cuisines. 

Oh, and while most of those halal fine dining restaurants are located in West London, there are lots of amazing halal restaurants in East London, so you might want to check that out if you’re near Brick Lane, Shoreditch, or Bethnal Green.

15 Exclusive Halal Fine Dining Restaurants in London

halal fine dining london restaurant
Photo: Zelman Meats

There are no 5-star halal restaurants in London. The highest we can get is 3 stars, but it’s already mindblowing, innit? However, there are quite a few fancy halal restaurants that include an extensive menu of juicy meats and amazing, locally sourced ingredients.

I love finding new halal food places around me. As you may know, I have started this series as an homage to my younger sister who is practicing. When we go to a nice restaurant in London, I like her to be able to eat whatever she wants – not just the prawns and the seabass, however tasty they might be.

Now, let’s get on with some of the most amazing halal posh restaurants. Let me know your own favorites, I’d love to discover some new fancy halal places to eat in London!

The Great Chase: Best Halal Fine Dining Restaurants London

The first halal fine dining restaurant in London I want to mention is The Great Chase. Their offer is completely respectful of animals’ welfare, and they source their meats and ingredients as locally as possible. The dishes are clean and well-composed – every bite is a must-relish.

This fine dining halal restaurant is completely alcohol-free, halal, and very much inclusive of anyone who would like to enjoy exquisite food. The food sets the tone for an overall fine dining experience that goes well beyond classic British food in London.

Sure, the touch is classic Brit, but the influence is “pan-global”, with Italian ingredients, Japanese twists, and rustic finishes all over. Another typical element of posh halal restaurant The Great Chase is the influence of tea on its menu.

The collection, signed Rare Tea Company, mixes the classic Earl Greys with the finest Lapsang Souchongs. Instead of pairing dishes with alcohol, The Great Chase goes a step beyond when it comes to tea pairings. That avant-garde touch definitely sets it as one of the best fine dining halal restaurants in the city.

Mahdi: Persian Fine Dining Halal Restaurant London

mahdi persian best halal fine dining restaurants london
Photo: UberEats

If you’ve never tried Persian food, you’ve got to mark down Mahdi on your “Next restaurants to try” list. If you type “best halal restaurant near me” while you’re in Hammersmith, Google will shoot up Mahdi. This is one of those fine cuisine restaurants in London where herbs, spices, meats, and fresh produce marry and splash out on your palate in explosions of satisfaction.

I always feel like Middle Eastern restaurants are part of the most romantic restaurants in London. They’re whole-hearted, the food is fresh, and you know you’re eating at a place where the cuisine has been tuned and refined for centuries. This is no Mc D. This is the apex of fine dining cuisine, HMC-certified, with vegetarian options for the non-meat eater friends.

If you’re a dolma lover or just want to enjoy the best grilled meat in London, this is one of the halal food places where you’ll want to sit. Plentiful, bountiful, delicious – I couldn’t put it in better words.

Hot Stone London: Halal Steak & Sushi Restaurant in Fitzrovia

Fine dining halal restaurants in London don’t have to be only Indian or Middle Eastern, now do they? Some of the best fancy halal places to eat are also, at times, Asian. And that’s something we love. And if you’ve been looking for a great halal Japanese restaurant in London, you’re about to get super excited.

One of the most romantic halal restaurants in London goes by the name Hot Stone, and it’s located in the posh’n’pretty Fitzrovia. If you’ve never been to this area, I cannot stress enough how pretty and village-like it feels.

Hot Stone, with its halal Wagyu beef and stunning halal sushi menu, is one of the best halal restaurants in West London. Although it does not have a Michelin Star, it doesn’t stop the staff from being the friendliest and most professional team around.

Hot Stone’s Special Ingredients

One of the ingredients this fine dining halal restaurant uses is the Koshihikari rice, an uber-tasty, very aromatic rice. The soy sauce used is brewed for years – from two to thirty years of age. That’s definitely a posh halal restaurant that showcases that patience is your best friend in life. The fresh wasabi accompanies firm and melty sushi, and the star of the menu, of course, has got to be the halal Wagyu beef.

There are not that many halal restaurants in London that offer Wagyu beef – for this reason only, the tender, delicate meat has got to end up in your mouth at least once. It’s not just any cattle meat that Hot Stone uses – the Japanese wagyu comes directly from Japan.

However, if you want the halal version, it will be another kind of delicate meat that comes from Australia. And why not try it, anyway, since you’re in one of the best halal fine dining restaurants in London?

The Banc: Fancy Halal Steak & Burger Restaurant in North London

If you’re around North London – say, Stoke Newington, you’ll want to try The Banc. If you’re not around, and I tell you they are one of the best halal food places in London, I know you’ll want to go. Why? Because from grilled meat to the best halal burger in London, The Banc has it all.

I know we said fine dining halal restaurants, but sometimes you don’t need to spend hundreds for the best food. And since I know lots of you are looking for the best halal steak places in London, that’s your chance right there.

The service is excellent and makes it one of the most romantic halal places in London. The food itself – steak, burger, fish – is exquisite. It’s great to see to what extent some halal restaurants in London go to in order to provide not only the best food but also the best experience. That’s why the dress code is a bit more uppity elevated. That’s one of the cool and more affordable dress up restaurants in London.

The attention to detail is what separates a halal fine dining restaurant from a regular restaurant, is it not? If you take a proper taste of The Banc’s sauces, you’ll understand the extent to which every ingredient is cared for.

If I had to choose a fancy halal restaurant in London to bring a special someone, I would go with The Banc. Since the restaurant serves alcohol, it is not HMC-certified. However, all the meat there is fully halal. And it has been for the 6 years The Banc has been partnering with halal butchers.

Amaya: Knightsbridge Michelin Star Restaurant With Halal Options

Amaya halal fine dining london restaurant
Photo: Amaya

If you’re looking for the best fancy halal restaurants in London, I strongly suggest passing by Amaya in Knightsbridge. I’ve already mentioned Knightsbridge with NusrEt restaurant. There are many more Knightsbridge and Mayfair halal restaurants, and one of them is Amaya.

I think it’s really nice to find some bite-sized, sharing menus in a fancy place. I am one of those people who loves ordering one plate while my friends or family order others. Then, we all end up sharing bits and bobs of the best halal food in London. Or in Paris or Rome, or wherever it is that we are.

The Amaya Knightsbridge Concept

Amaya in West London is described as a “totally unconventional fine dining restaurant, with no conventional first or main courses”. That makes it the perfect place to share, share, and share. And experience some of the greatest halal food in London.

I’ve never come across such a fun, avant-garde halal restaurant in the city. As the team explains, there are about 45 menu dishes. Each is worked and reworked with its own marinade, spices, and personality. If you get 6 to 8 menu dishes (remember, bite-sized), that’s the equivalent of a two-course meal. A full three-course meal with service and drinks racks up to about £90. In my book, that’s pretty amazing for exclusive halal fine dining in London.

To be fair, I love Indian food. Yet, when it’s one of the only mainstream halal options for restaurants in London, you grow tired of it. Not with Amaya. The concept is totally upgraded to offer Indian cuisine the modern way. Even if you get a biryani, chicken, or prawns, your experience will be totally different from any halal Indian food you’ve ever had before. Fine dining halal in London… at its finest.

Benares London: Fine Dining Michelin Star Halal Restaurant in Mayfair

benares mayfair halal steak best fine dining restaurants london
Photo: Facebook

I’ve already mentioned Benares here on The London Local. Not only is it one of the best halal Indian restaurants in London, but it has become recently one of the only halal Michelin star restaurants in the city. One of the very fancy places to eat in London, too. Mayfair is an area in Central London where you go all dressed up, with your nicest lipstick or suit on. If you look up “halal restaurants in Mayfair” on Google Maps, Benares will pop up for sure. Plus, the menu will drag you to the restaurant’s doors without you being able to stop. And don’t step back, as you would regret it.

As I already said, there are not many Michelin star halal restaurants in London. Benares brings Michelin to Indian cuisine, with all the chicken and the lamb on the menu fully halal. Even if some of the meats are indeed not halal, I’m already happy when we can find some halal posh restaurants where my friends and fam can actually enjoy a good selection of dishes. 

Quick Reminder

As a reminder, I do not eat only halal meat. However, I have started writing about halal restaurants in London for when my younger sister, who is practicing, would come and visit me in London. As such, it’s important to me to find halal restaurants where she will be able to enjoy most things on the menu (and not only the shrimp, as in so many restaurants, you know).

This said, Benares is one of the most classy halal restaurants in London, and for occasions, it’s perfect. Everything from the veggies to the meats is combined in the most elegant way. Do dress up and make yourself poshy posh when you go to this romantic halal restaurant. That’s really one of the fine dining halal places where you want to celebrate a special occasion, like an anniversary or a graduation. The fact that you can see the chefs cooking through the glass-walled kitchen is one of those beautiful perks of fine dining restaurants.

A couple of non-alcoholic drinks, a nice atmosphere, and the best Brit’ ingredients with a modern Indian twist on combinations. You’ll understand why Benares Mayfair is one of the coolest high end halal restaurants in London when you take your first bite. You know how most women start dancing when we eat something really tasty? Well, you’re about to do just that.

Azizye: Halal Fine Dining Turkish Restaurant London

aziziye stoke newington halal steak best fine dining restaurants london
Photo: Quandoo

If you’re looking for fine dining halal restaurants in Central London, Aziziye is going to be a bit far. However, if you’re ready to travel just a tad for the best halal food in London, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime there. I’m a sucker for the Dalston, Highgate, Hampstead, and Stoke Newington areas in London. I’ll always be an East London girl, but quiet North London is looking more and more appealing as I get older. 

Stoke Newington looks like a village, with almost cottage-like streets and the cutest little shops and independent coffee shops. And if you’ve been to The London Local before, you’ve probably read about the best independent coffee shops in Shoreditch or Italian cafes in London. I love myself independent shops, and well, what could be better than an independent restaurant with an exterior as instagrammable as that of Aziziye?

Aziziye is set under a mosque, actually, and even just the blue outside of the restaurant is as captivating as it can get. This posh Turkish and Middle Eastern restaurant is wholehearted, filling, and more satisfying than lots of restaurants I’ve eaten at in the past. Many halal Turkish restaurants in London are delicious. Yet, none come even close to the service and delicacy of each Aziziye dish. 

The Aziziye Cuisine

The fact that the plates are full and dandy is one of the reasons I consider it one of the best fancy places to eat in London. Authentic cuisine with portions that will make you blush, and I mean it. From the tender halal meat to the tasty veggies, from the five-star service to the romantic atmosphere, it all makes for a super romantic dinner. But if you want to treat your parents, too, that Turkish restaurant is the perfect place too. 

Everything at Aziziye meets the standards of halal fine dining in London. I’d suggest walking around Dalston and Stoke Newington in the morning and grabbing a fancy lunch there. That way, you can still enjoy the sunlight on the beautiful blue mosque outside. Bet you didn’t think that pide and kebab could be that classy, but Aziziye will prove otherwise.

Maximini: Chinese Halal Fine Dining Restaurant in London

maximini chinese halal fine dining restaurants london
Photo: OpenTable

Maximini is a bustling halal Chinese restaurant located near Bayswater and Lancaster Gate – one of the best halal restaurants in West London, with lots of variety. I love that there’s a great fancy Chinese restaurant there where you can eat all the meat you want, and feel just satisfied and happy about it. Plus, the portions are well-measured; there’s more than enough to enjoy. Finding a fully halal Chinese restaurant in London is a blast if you ask me. So, even if they don’t offer the best halal steak in London, getting your fill of Chinese cuisine is more than enough. 

The restaurant offers absolutely no pork – so no cross-contamination. That makes Maximini one of the coolest fine dining halal restaurants where to get amazing duck, chicken, beef, prawns, and happiness. The freshness of the ingredients is always my top priority – even before the quality of the service. I’ve been known to love restaurants where the service was not the best (Paris, I’m looking at you). Yet, the food was so delicious that I’d visit again and again.

This halal fine dining restaurant makes it a point to offer the best service, and the crispiest, freshest dishes. Whether you get a fancy plate of noodles or prawns, you’re sure that every dish will meet the best quality standards. And if you’re going with vegetarian friends, they can also enjoy amazing vegetarian and vegan dishes – a win-win for everyone.

Zheng Chelsea: Best Malaysian Halal Fine Dining London

Zheng Chelsea is one of the halal food places I really wanted to mention on this list of fancy fine dining halal restaurants. Why? Because we don’t talk about Malaysian food often enough in my opinion, although I consider it one of the best cuisines ever.

Finding a halal Chinese restaurant in London is already enough of a mission – if you’re here today on The London Local, you know what I mean. If you can get fancy cuisine that’s even more specific and traditional, why not try it?

Read: The Top Halal Chinese Restaurants in London

Zheng Chelsea is engraved in Malaysian cuisine, in tradition, and taste. The vibrancy of the ingredient and spice combinations makes it one of the best halal restaurants in West London, in my opinion. The prices are those of a fine dining restaurant, however, they’re still quite affordable and make for an amazing weekend dinner date.

Shredded chicken, duck, king prawns are all present and popular at this halal fine dining place. “Mix and match to create amazing culinary experiences” – that’s Zheng’s goal with their great halal food creations. It’s beautiful, it’s tasty, and very much Instagrammable – you’ll understand when you see it.

Mamounia Lounge: Halal Lebanese and Moroccan Fine Dining in London

mamounia lounge halal fine dining london romantic posh
Photo: TimeOut

While there are many halal food places in London that cater to our fine dining needs, luxurious restaurants in London with a Moroccan menu are rare to come by. I’ve mentioned Mamounia Lounge in my guide to posh halal restaurants in Mayfair. Yet, with its Lebanese and Moroccan menu elevated to fit the Knightsbridge decor, Mamounia Lounge definitely belongs here too.

A colorful place where scents and delicious plates join together in a choir of supremacy, Mamounia Lounge is one of my top choices when it comes to romantic halal restaurants in London. Whether you’re dining at the Knightsbridge or Mayfair venues, service and food are top-notch.

Mamounia Lounge, amazing halal steak

Halal grilled meat lies at the base of this posh restaurant’s menu. After all, we are dining at a Lebanese place, so how could we even think there wouldn’t be a charcoal-grilled meat offer at Mamounia Lounge? Even if, at the moment, the restaurant does not offer the Moroccan part of the menu, you can still sit down for a truly creamy halal fine dining experience, with Harrods tickling Mamounia Lounge in the background. 

When I say that their halal steak made from lamb fillet is one of the best you can get in London, I mean every word of it. Few halal posh restaurants in London have mastered swiftly elevating everyday dishes like chicken and lamb skewers as Mamounia Lounge has. Entrees propose classic Lebanese mezze, with delicate hummus, seafood Bourek, and falafel. The Knightsbridge halal joint also caters to vegetarian and vegan peeps. All-inclusive, just like I like them.

House of Ho Fitzrovia: Halal Japanese Restaurant in London

house of ho fitzrovia halal fine dining london
Photo: House of Ho

Now, I know it’s tricky to find an amazing halal Japanese restaurant in London. I’ve found the solution for you, and it’s called House of Ho. Located in Fitzrovia, a West London area I particularly enjoy taking walks in, House of Ho is the top-of-the-range halal Japanese restaurant you’ll want to visit ASAP. Why? Because when I look for halal food places in London, I want to be able to eat without thinking about whether I can eat this dish or that dish. Since House of Ho focuses mainly on sushi elevated to classy dining, we’re good to dine there.

Actually, House of Ho is not a proper halal Japanese restaurant. But fear not, as I will write a full guide to halal Japanese food in London in just a bit. House of Ho is a reflection of Pan Asian cooking which brings together influences from all over East Asia. Seabass ceviche, halal dumplings filled with exquisite mushroom preparations, decadently tender sushi¦ 

Halal Vietnamese in London?

For those of you who have been looking for a halal Vietnamese restaurant in London, House of Ho prepares one of the best pho in the city. This Vietnamese soup is my absolute favorite dish in the world. Yet, halal pho in London is not exactly something you come across every day. If you get the chance, order that.

You may know to what extent I love halal fried chicken, and there are many restaurants in London that offer their own version of the dish. While only the chicken is halal at House of Ho, the fact that they have glazed chicken wings seals the deal for me. Oh, and crispy squid? Always the way to go.

Chai Wu Knightsbridge: Best Halal Chinese Restaurant in London

I don’t want to say that the best halal fine dining in London always takes place in Knightsbridge and Mayfair. Because that’s only partly true. But Chai Wu Knightsbridge, on the fifth floor of Harrods, is one of the halal romantic restaurants you’ll want to visit for your anniversary. Especially if you’ve been craving some halal duck in London. I know, right? Halal duck is hard to find. Whenever I find myself in Chinatown, seeing the hanging ducks triggers that craving big time. 

Chai Wu is one of the only restaurants in West London that offers halal duck on their menu. That greasy and overly juicy Beijing Duck is a dish you should order. Oh, and have you been looking for halal Wagyu steak in London

Best believe that Chai Wu’s version rivals that of the best halal steak houses in the city. Chargrilled, it is then dressed in Wafu sauce that will make your tastebuds dance with happiness. You’ll even find halal dumplings there – is there something that Chai Wu doesn’t cook to perfection?! In a nutshell, that’s one of the very best romantic halal places to eat in London. But if you want to go solo, who am I to judge? I know I would.

Zelman Meats: Halal Steak London Restaurant

Ah, for the best halal steak in London, one of my first choices will always be Zelman Meats in Knightsbridge. Located in West London, it makes for the perfect end-of-day dinner date. Especially if you’ve been sightseeing all day, checking out all the famous London landmarks, and trying to find out all the crazy fun things to do in London

I’m going to make it short: Zelman Meats is one of the ultimate best halal restaurants in London. There are no two ways to say it. Whether you’re looking for the best halal steak or fresh rock oysters, you’re bound to have the most romantic dinner. Even if you were looking for the best halal burgers in London, the Zelman Meats halal Wagyu burger is one thing to try. You’ll regret it if you don’t.

Ribeye, picanha, sirloin… Although not all the steaks are halal, there’s a great selection to choose from for a halal steak. Start with creamy burrata or lobster croquettes. Then, move on to grain-finished steak cuts that will make your eyes water with happiness. Even the sides are to die for! Black truffle and parmesan chips, paprika roaster cauliflower, and roasted heirloom carrots are just mouthwatering. Bet you didn’t think you’d want to order veggies at a steak restaurant, right? Think again. Halal fine dining at its finest.

Halal Fine Dining London: Mnky Hse

Except for entirely halal food places in London like Guanabana, I don’t know many Latin American restaurants that offer halal meat. At Mnky Hse, all the meat is halal, except the wagyu beef. No worries, I mean – we’ve seen that we can get a halal steak in London in many of the halal fine dining restaurants I’m talking about today on The London Local.

Mnky Hse is one of those laidback yet luxurious restaurants in London. There, taking your partner for a romantic dinner is perfect. Unlike halal restaurants in East London where the whole vibe is much more chill, at Mnky Hse, you’ll not only get your tastebuds tickled but all your senses. Sensory lighting and a fashionable background make for the perfect background for any occasion. 

Every element of the decor and atmosphere allow you to really relish delicate dishes. Grilled octopus, seabass ceviche, and even halal sushi! All focused on making your lunch fancy and elevated. All giving you a taste of the most decadent halal fine dining experience in London. Still, hung up on finding the best halal steak in London? Don’t worry – there are plenty of halal meats on the Mnky Hse menu for you to choose from. And best believe you’ll want to try them. 

Asian Halal Fine Dining London: Buddha Bar

For those of you who might have been looking for London fine dining restaurants with halal options, Pan Asian Buddha Bar on Knightsbridge is something to try. It’s private and dark, tamed, and sets the tone for the perfect romantic date. The fusion menu pushes culinary boundaries, marrying halal Thai cuisine with Chinese and Japanese notes. All the meat is halal, so if you’re looking to sink your teeth in the best halal steak in London, their aged beef filled is a dish to try. 

Buddha Bar is one of those exclusive places where you’ll want to dress up. King crab tempura, pad thai, wok-fried beef all blend in a menu equalling the most romantic halal restaurants in London with a view. Except you have another type of view, that of juicy halal beef meats, barbecued chicken, and, and – halal sushi! 

Once again, we’re onto one of the few halal Japanese restaurants in London, and it feels good, for once, to know that we actually have options to eat. And decadent options at that, elevating Buddha Bar to the level of the best halal restaurants in Central London.

15 Halal Fine Dining Restaurants in London

So there you have them, all the best fine dining halal food places in London. Of course, there are many more luxurious restaurants in London that offer posh halal food. Mayfair, Knightsbridge, and Canary Wharf, three of my favorite areas in the city, are places I’ll always go to first when I’m looking for classy halal food around me. For instance, they’re home to some of the finest halal Michelin star restaurants in London, like the famous Benares or Tamarind restaurants. 

I’ve tried to break down this list of the best halal fine dining restaurants in London by including a bit of every cuisine. I know for a fact that finding a halal Japanese restaurant, or finding fancy halal Chinese food in London can very quickly get tricky. Yet, with places like Chai Wu or House of Ho, you’ll get your fill of halal dumplings and sushi. And you’ll love it!

Some More Fancy Halal Fine Dining Restaurants in London

Although I’ve written a lot about the best halal restaurants in Central London, I always feel tied when it comes to choosing the ultimate best. Halal fine dining in London is a virtue that lots of fancy restaurants now try to offer. Even if the whole menu is not composed solely of halal meats, more and more high-end restaurants do try to include Muslim patrons in their offers. 

Some do not have separate kitchens, and cannot comply with fully halal rules by cooking halal meat separately. As per usual, I do urge you to contact the restaurant beforehand, as you never know. The restaurants might change their offer without notice, and it’s on you to decide whether you only want to dine at a fully halal fine dining restaurant. 

In the meantime, while we’re still onto halal romantic restaurants in London, you might like to discover a bit more about halal food in these delicious places (and that’s a euphemism):

Get your fill of the best food, and we’ll meet soon for new halal food places in London, fine dining and all!