14 Exquisite Halal Michelin Star Restaurants in London

Long overdue, isn’t it, this guide to the best halal Michelin star restaurants in London. I’ve been talking a lot about Central London halal restaurants, places like Canary Wharf, Knightsbridge for halal fine dining, and the best halal posh restaurants in Mayfair. But I hadn’t come around to writing about exquisite Michelin star restaurant halal food. There’s so much I want to talk to you about! I sometimes get lost about what to write first – independent coffee shops, halal food, or cool things to do in London? Well, today, you will discover some of the most classy halal restaurants London has to offer.

14 Exquisite Halal Michelin Star Restaurants in London

When I started writing this guide to Michelin star halal restaurants in London, I paid attention to a few things. I would like to mention them before we go any further as they are quite important. First of all, I have not come across any 5 star halal restaurants in London. As such, the fine dining places you will find here on The London Local today oscillate between 1, 2, and 3 Michelin stars. These are still some of the London best halal restaurants, and cater to our needs perfectly.

The second thing I would like to add is that none of these halal Michelin star restaurants are fully halal, except maybe one. The only fully, completely halal fine dining restaurant in London I can recommend with eyes closed is The Great Chase. It might offer the best fine dining experience, but it is not a Michelin star restaurant.

I have paid close attention to cross-contamination. As usual, whenever you are looking to go to halal food places in London, I would recommend contacting the restaurant. Indeed, they can switch their offer without notice. Most of the halal Michelin star restaurants listed here cook  their halal meat separately from other non-halal meat in their kitchen.

However, others like the Ritz, for instance, are fully transparent about the fact that meats are not necessarily cooked separately. That means that even if they can order halal meat to cater to Muslim customers, the kitchen is not suited to cook the halal meat separately from non-halal, pork, or no pork involved. It is up to you to choose to visit those halal restaurants in London. Beforehand, contact the restaurant and make sure that you will indeed be eating halal food.

Now that this is out of the way, I will mention for each of these halal Michelin star restaurants which meat can be pre-ordered. I’ll also add which restaurants cook their meat separately whenever I can. Without further ado, let’s dive into this guide to the best halal posh restaurants in London!

PS. If you want to find other great halal restaurants in London, I’ve already talked about amazing halal Italian restaurants, halal dumplings in London, and delicious halal restaurants in Covent Garden. You’ll find lots to eat there!

Halal Michelin Star Restaurants in London: Tamarind of Mayfair

If Tamarind of Mayfair sits at the top of this guide to the best halal Michelin star restaurants in London, it is not a game of chance. Tamarind has achieved the ultimate trick of elevating Indian food to a halal fine dining level. There, both lamb and chicken are halal, and there are no other meats available on the Tamarind menu. 

That’s one of the only halal food places in London that has really kept the tradition of Indian cuisine’s exotic flavors. We’re talking about very subtle flavors that, at the same time, punch you right in the gut with every bite. I know there are many amazing halal Indian restaurants in Central London. As such, it can be quite difficult to figure out which one you should book for a romantic date.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Tamarind, as the first Indian restaurant to be a halal Michelin star restaurant, deserves all the attention it can get. You can get a delicious tasting menu there, and even if you’re not in that much of a spice fan, the team at Tamarind Mayfair is so attentive to their patrons that you are bound to receive a perfect dish at your table

By the way, if you would like to try other less posh halal restaurants in London, then Tamarind has two sister restaurants, Zaika of Kensington and Tamarind Kitchen. Both are also delicious and would particularly belong in a list of the best posh halal places to eat in London.

Benares Mayfair: Halal Michelin Star Restaurants in London

When it comes to the best halal posh restaurants in London, it’s no secret that Benares ranks at the top. I’ve actually mentioned it quite a few times on The London Local already. Indeed, I wrote about it and dubbed it one of the best halal Indian restaurants in London. Well, since Benares has gotten its first Michelin star not too long ago, it now belongs here on this guide to halal Michelin star restaurants as well. At Benares Mayfair, both chicken and lamb are halal. But you’ll probably want to taste much more than just chicken or lamb when you visit this top-of-the-range dining place. 

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Like Tamarind, Benares beautifully elevates the flavors and spices of the vibrant Indian cuisine. It’s totally different from Tamarind, though. You can’t seriously think or say that all Indian restaurants in London are the same. Especially when some are classy halal restaurants like Benares or Tamarind – creativity is something else. The cuisine is so varied throughout India and London that no two dishes will ever be similar, wherever you order them from. 

Benares Mayfair mixes its halal fine dining experience with modernity and local British ingredients. The chefs there know Indian delicacies through and through. What would you like to order? Chickpea and aubergines? Garam masala and elevated biryani? There are endless possibilities at Benares. For sure, when you take your first bites, you’ll understand how they’ve become one of the best halal Michelin star restaurants in London. It’s not luck. It’s hard work, dedication, and true love for good food. 

Quilon Westminster: Halal Fine Dining London

Best halal Michelin star restaurants in London The Quilon Westminster london halal
Photo: GoingPremium

The first word that comes to mind when talking about Quilon in Westminster is ‘sleek’. The third halal Indian restaurant on this list, it earned its first Michelin star in 2008. It’s retained it ever since, with a menu mostly composed of sharing plates. What a fun experience it is, to share food in one of the restaurants of halal fine dining in London! What’s usually frowned upon is encouraged at Quilon Westminster. 

The menu there is creative, based mostly on seafood and poultry. I think that beyond any amazing halal food, what’s appreciated about Quilon is how creative they are with their plates. I mean, when you go to halal Michelin star restaurants, it is to be blown away by the skill of the chiefs, innit? And that’s not only pure technical application that I’m looking for. I’m looking to pay for an artist, when I choose to eat halal fine dining food. Easy. Aside from their game meats, all the remaining meat at Quilon Westminster is halal. That’s your cue to treat yourself.

Halal Michelin Star Restaurants in London: Gymkhana Mayfair

Just because you visit a halal Michelin star restaurant does not mean you absolutely need to splurge hundreds of pounds. Or does it? At Gymkhana, one of the best halal restaurants in Mayfair, you can get a set lunch menu for only £35. And the quality will not vacillate. I’m talking about tandoor meats of a kind you’ve never tried before. I’m talking melty and juicy and delicious, and I’m talking one of the absolutely est halal places to eat in London. 

I’ve mentioned Gymkhana in my guide to the best halal restaurants in Mayfair a while back, just like Benares. This restaurant is part of the JKS group, which also brings us Bao, Brigadiers, and Berenjak, among other famous restaurants in London.

At Gymkhana, chicken, lamb, and goat are all halal. They’re also all prepared separately from other meats. However, they’re cooked in the same oven as other meats, so it’s up to you to decide whether you want to visit or not. 

If you wish to book, then the dark interior of Gymkhana will make for a romantic date with your other half. It would also be perfect to bring your parents or best friend to celebrate an achievement. The thing is, Gymkhana is a go-to place for any occasion if you want to taste delicious halal Indian food in London with a twist. 

Kai London: Halal Michelin Star Restaurants in London

I believe I’ve already mentioned Kai in my guide to the best posh halal restaurants in Mayfair. Here it is again, the only halal Chinese restaurant to have a Michelin star in the UK to this date. I love Chinese and halal Japanese food in London – they’re really authentic, and I’m big on authenticity. Since 1978, Kai has been sharing the traditional flavors of South China to the London crowd with their famous Nanyang Chinese cuisine. Honest and tasty, the Kai cuisine surpasses lots of the best halal food places in London. However, do bear in mind that the halal meats are not cooked separately from the other meats. 

At Kai Mayfair, not all meats are halal – only chicken and lamb. Still, with the profusion of seafood and vegetarian dishes that this figure of halal restaurants in Mayfair, you’ll have plenty to relish. The background is beautiful and pure, with colorful plates ringing in as they arrive to your table. 

It’s particularly satisfying to know that we have an option for halal Chinese fine dining in London. The fact that it’s located in Mayfair, one of the most posh areas in London, makes for a nice digestive walk afterward, doesn’t it? Since 2009, Kai Mayfair has had – and retained – their one Michelin star status. Sea bass, salmon carpaccio, Nanyang chicken cashew nuts, and king trumpet mushrooms will all make you salivate as soon as you see them on the menu. As far as halal Michelin star restaurants are concerned, Kai sits at the top of the list. Word. 

Celeste Belgravia: Halal Fine Dining London

Best halal Michelin star restaurants in London celeste Belgravia london halal
Photo: DinnerDates

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Belgravia, but it is definitely home to some of the best halal restaurants in London. Even if it’s not Belgravia, it’s going to be Mayfair, Knightsbridge, or Chelsea. These three nearby areas offer surprisingly soulful walks and places where the food is decadently exquisite. Located in The Lanesborough, Celeste is the place where you will feel like a king or a queen. It looks like the interior of a castle in the 17th or 18th century, and the food definitely follows. 

If you would like to dine at Celeste in Belgravia, you can pre-order halal meat 72 hours in advance. The products in the main kitchen are halal, and they are cooked separately from the other meats. So, you can leave all cross-contamination worries at the door. However, when it is game season, Celeste does not offer any halal food so that is not a time to book for dinner there.

When game season is over, on the other hand, you should definitely book an evening in this figure of halal posh restaurants in London. Celeste offers a dining room where daylight splashes in through a glass roof during the day. If this is your first visit to the city, it is one of the best halal Michelin star restaurants for a posh break.

Celeste is located super close to Buckingham Palace and I would recommend ending the evening at their library bar. Crispy lobster, smoked meats, melting lamb, risotto… I cannot think of one dish that this Michelin star halal restaurant cooks that is not perfect. Halal meat to be preordered 48 hours in advance. 

Hide Piccadilly: Halal Michelin Star Restaurants in London

Best halal Michelin star restaurants in London hide piccadilly london halal
Photo: SpearsWMS

I love the whole Piccadilly area. To be fair, I have been in love with Central London since the first time I arrived in the city in 2014. Maybe you’ve come across my guide to the best halal restaurants in Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square, here on The London Local. Well, I didn’t talk about Hide Piccadilly in either, as I was keeping it for this very guide to halal Michelin star restaurants in London.

Hide Piccadilly is a halal posh restaurant split into three areas, with HIDE being the basis and the hearth of the restaurant. I have to admit that I love eating so often, I don’t even mind the decor. But when you enter Hide Piccadilly, you know that you’ve set foot in one of the most classy halal restaurants London has to offer. 

Dark and tamed, it makes for the perfect date setting. You could even take your other half to the theater before, and end the day on the highest note. Wherever possible, Hide Piccadilly makes all of their charcuterie, juices, pickles, and even bread in-house. That means that in addition to being one of the best halal Michelin star restaurants in London in terms of atmosphere, your tastebuds are going to be dancing throughout lunch – or dinner. 

Chicken liver parfait, home-cured charcuterie, fresh bread, charred vegetables… Simple but sophisticated, Hide Piccadilly focuses on authentic flavors. Halal meats can be preordered 72 hours in advance, and I guarantee that Hide is definitely one of the halal fine dining restaurants in London you’ll want to dine at. 

The meat offered there is halal certified. Since Hide has several kitchens, they store and cook all the halal meats separately. Then, the meat is cooked by a dedicated chef who will only take care of the table where halal meats are required. All that we love to hear. 

Seven Park Place

Best halal Michelin star restaurants in London seven park place st james london halal
Photo: Flipboard

Among all the best halal Michelin star restaurants London features, Seven Park Place might very well be the tiniest one. With only nine tables, this fine dining restaurant is the epitome of St James’ Park beauty and class. Fine French cuisine is somewhat difficult to come by when you’re looking to combine it with halal food in London. That’s one issue I’ve personally encountered time and again. In case you’re new here, I’m half French and half Moroccan. Not only is French food almost always pricy in London, but when you’re looking for French halal Michelin star restaurants, it’s a mess that’s hard to untangle. 

Seven Park Place in Mayfair focuses on the best of French cuisine, traditional dishes that are just satisfying to relish. There, you can preorder both halal chicken and halal lamb only 24 hours in advance. However, you should keep in mind that even if you can preorder both halal chicken and lamb, the preparation does not take place in a separate kitchen. It’s up to you to decide whether you still consider your meat to be halal or not. If you do decide to dine at Seven Park Place, then that’s one of the best halal fine dining experiences you’ll have in London.

Simple dishes that revolve around authentic taste, and none of that usual French fine dining slang that no one understands. That’s definitely one of the aesthetic Michelin star restaurants in London to bring your other half at to surprise him, or her. And best believe Seven Park Place will make for one of the best date ideas in London. 

Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester

From a very young age, I watched cooking shows in France featuring Alain Ducasse. You know, the type of Top Chef and Masterchef cooking shows in which the winner will be able to open their own restaurant or go teach in a cooking school. Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester is all about that excellence in cooking that has always fascinated me as I was watching those shows. 

We’ve got a 3 Michelin star restaurant in which you’ll taste dishes that you never knew were even available to human beings on this planet. The lights are tame and the decor luxurious. That’s the epitome of sophistication without the out-there attitude that many Michelin star restaurants suffer from. There, the focus is on you, and you only – and on the quality of the dishes, of course.

Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester pays great attention to halal rules, with their halal beef coming from a certified supplier. No cross-contamination is possible, with full identification and traceability. In addition, all halal meat is prepared and cooked separately from other meats. Melt-in-your-mouth ingredients, perfectly cooked sides, and, of course, a halal steak in London that has no other rivals in the city. If you were looking for the best halal Michelin star restaurant in London, you’ve got French excellence and British produce freshness all rolled into one. And that makes for the occasion of a lifetime. 

Halal Michelin Star Restaurants in London: La Dame de Pic

La Dame de Pic might very well be one of the most famous Michelin star restaurants in London. It does not openly classify as a halal fine dining restaurant. Still, the restaurant opened by the world’s most decorated female Michelin-starred chef offers the possibility of ordering halal meat 72 hours in advance. 

Halal meat is stored and prepped separately from all other meats, ensuring no cross-contamination. However, La Dame de Pic does not have a separate kitchen. If you wish to order halal food, you also have the option to do so from an external caterer. Your meal would then be brought into the restaurant – but it wouldn’t be prepared by the team at La Dame de Pic. 

If you choose to eat at this top fine dining restaurant, La Dame de Pic is located within the Four Seasons Hotel in London, at Ten Trinity Square. It must be one of the most romantic restaurants in London with a view that pierces the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. This two Michelin star restaurant is all about mind-shattering Southern French cuisine. If you think you know French dishes, you’ll really have to think again. That’s easily one of the best halal Michelin star restaurants in London. And the fact that we’ve got plenty of meat and non meat options there… Doubly mind-shattering.

The Goring Dining Room: Halal Michelin Star Restaurants in London

Best halal Michelin star restaurants in London the goring dining room
Photo: The Goring

The Goring Dining Room is set in five-star hotel The Goring, between Victoria and St James’s Park. All the halal meat there is stored separately, and the chicken and lamb are not only prepared separately but also cooked in a separate oven. This is definitely one of the halal food places in London where so much attention is paid to complying with halal rules, and it’s very appreciated.

Beyond that, the decor at the Goring Dining Room has got to be one of the fanciest in London. I have always been in love with simple luxury, and the dining room looks exactly like what its name suggests: a fancy, Edwardian dining room. Comfortable chairs, a sophisticated decor where nothing is too much, and nothing is missing. Among the food options, choose between chestnut velouté, cured sea trout, stuffed Norfolk baby chicken, or even roast halibut. Seasonal and fresh, the mains, sides, and desserts are something of a dream. Without a doubt one of the best modern halal Michelin star restaurants in London.

Halal Michelin Star Restaurants in London: Trishna Marylebone

Now, when it comes to Trishna Marylebone, it is a surprisingly well-priced halal Michelin star restaurant in London. If you book for lunch, you can get 3 dishes for £24, which is actually less than what you’d pay in most London restaurants. Even the 5-course meal would set you back £34 only! So, that’s definitely the moment and the place to treat yourself to halal fine dining in London, if you’ve never done so.

Trishna in Marylebone Village has no pork on the menu whatsoever. In addition, all the lamb, goat, and chicken are halal. This means that beyond a very affordable price for a Michelin star halal restaurant, you can order whatever you want from the menu! And that, friends, is very much appreciated. Chicken tikka biryani, chutneys, flavorful rice – this is traditional Indian food elevated to Michelin star standards. Finally, a halal fine dining restaurant that doesn’t break the bank!

Clove Club: Halal Fine Dining in London

Best halal Michelin star restaurants in London The Clove Club 1
Photo: Facebook

I’ve written about the best halal restaurants in East London a while back, but I didn’t mention halal fine dining in that guide. Rather, I focused on the best halal burgers in London, and laidback places to get a mid-week dinner when you’re getting a bit lazy after work. Now, we’re onto something much different with Clove Club. While Shoreditch is not exactly the place where I’d look for a halal Michelin star restaurant, it seems that Clove Club has garnered quite a chunk of fame since their opening in 2013. 

Modern British food served in tasting menus – and even a shorter tasting menu for weekly dinner and lunchtime – is what you can expect at this Shoreditch Michelin star restaurant. It even made the list of the World’s Best 50 restaurants, so you can understand what I’m saying when I say: ‘that’s a darn amazing place’. 

Unlike halal restaurants in Mayfair or Knightsbridge, Clove Club offers more of a laidback fine dining experience. Expect only the finest ingredients, sourced locally wherever possible, like grilled trout, 100 Day old Lincolnshire chicken, and chilled courgette soup. The short tasting menu is priced at £95, and it makes for a delicate mid-week evening too. Just a bit more posh. 

At this Old Street institution, you can preorder halal meat when booking. That’s another one of the restaurants that offer halal lamb, and will go the extra mile to cater for Muslim patrons. As such, halal meat will be prepared separately from other meats, with all items washed, sanitised and sterisilised in between uses. However, the Clove Club does not have a separate kitchen, so they cannot confirm there will be no cross-contamination. Still, if you call well in advance, everything will be done to cater to halal meat needs, and I think that’s a great step towards Muslims.

The Ritz: Halal Michelin Star Restaurants in London

How could I not include The Ritz in a list of the best halal Michelin star restaurants in London? We’re lucky enough to have the possibility to order halal meat 48 hours in advance there. Not only chicken, not only lamb – halal meat. An institution of British excellence, The Ritz offers French halal fine dining cuisine since 1906. A Michelin star restaurant since 2016, this place is everything you could wish for when you think of princess-like restaurants in London. The view over Green Park, chandeliers, marble columns… Everything at The Ritz screams decadent luxury. 

It would be a euphemism to say that The Ritz’s food is delicious. Delicious is not even a proper word to describe their six seasonal courses, roast sirloin, and carved beef rib. Just be aware that halal meat, lamb, or chicken, is not prepared in a separate kitchen. It’s up to you to decide whether cross-contamination is important to you. They can also cater to a halal afternoon tea, so that’s always good to know.

At weekends, you can get a Saturday or Sunday lunch menu from £72. Not only do you pay for the label, but this time, you pay for one of the most superb Michelin star halal restaurants in London. Muslims, vegetarians, vegans – there are food options for absolutely everyone at The Ritz. And that’s exactly how you do halal fine dining in London. 

14 Exquisite Halal Michelin Star Restaurants in London

Best halal Michelin star restaurants in London UK
Photo: SquareMeal

As we have seen, all these great halal Michelin star restaurants in London make for a nice evening out. They’re perfect for celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, or just a simple treat during the week like when you go to a Japanese restaurant after work, but posher (by the way, if you’re interested in Japanese culture, you might want to check out the best Japanese shops in London – fashion, cosmetics, food… I’ve broken it all down for you). I am always looking for the best halal places to eat near me. I think that by now, you know it. I’ve personally found some of the best halal fine dining experiences to happen around Canary Wharf. That’s one of my favorite areas in London, and it boasts really fine halal restaurants too.

However, most halal Michelin star restaurants, that one could dub the best halal restaurants are located in West London. Around Mayfair, Marylebone, Knightsbridge, Belgravia, and even in Central London around Piccadilly Circus.

Make sure to book well in advance as these are not fully halal fine dining places. That way, you can ensure the meat you would like to order is indeed halal. And that your evening or afternoon tea will only be sparkling cheery.

After all, when you are visiting one of the best halal Michelin star restaurants in London, it is indeed to feel like a king or a queen. So, you want the evening to be perfect, don’t you?