The Best Vegan Brunch in London: 15 Great Spots You’ll Love

Ah, a vegan brunch in London on a Saturday morn’. Isn’t that something so appealing? And something a lot of us look forward to when we’re working double shifts in London. Have you ever looked up “vegan brunch London” on Google on the quest for a soothing brunch to blow off some steam? I know I have. I’m not a vegan, and I eat quite anything from a vegan brunch in Shoreditch to food at amazing vegan and halal restaurants with a view of London.

I like to think of myself as an open-minded person. What’s sure is that I love discovering new ways of eating. A culture, or sub-culture passes through food, doesn’t it? There are lots of vegan bakeries in London, vegan bottomless brunch spots, and they’re nothing like what we’d have gotten in London just a few years ago. 

Vegan Bakeries in London

Lately, I’ve talked about the best places to get vegan cookies in London. Vegan donuts are also a big thing in London, and since Crosstown and Doughnut Time prep excellent ones, I’ve also wanted to tell you about them. 

Now that more and more vegan restaurants in London are welcoming us to a world of tasty plant-based food, weekend vegan brunch and bottomless brunch recipes are always more refined and tasty. I am one of these people who’ll just try any new address, just for the sake of food. I’ve tried the best vegan burgers in London, I’ve tried some of the best spots for vegan brunch in Soho and Shoreditch. Open-mindedness brings about tons of happiness and great moments, in my opinion.

So we meet again because you’re looking for cool addresses for the best vegan brunch in East London around Brick Lane and Bethnal Green (home to some of the best charity shops in London), a place for delicious vegan brunch Shoreditch, or the best brunch in Soho. So, vegan brunch in London – here we come!

The Best Vegan Brunch in London: 15 Great Spots You’ll Love

best vegan brunch london west london granger co
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“Vegan brunch near me” – so many people are looking for the best vegan restaurants to round up the week beautifully. I mean, I understand. Going to brunch on Sunday is fulfilling and allows you to spend time with your friends and family. When you go to coffee shops in Stoke Newington or Covent Garden, it’s just, you know – refreshing. I personally feel like going out to the best restaurants – vegan or not, affordable or not – makes me feel recharged and happy. I’ve treated myself, I’ve taken care of my stomach, as such, I’ve taken care of my soul and I can only feel amazing.

Vegan restaurants now provide us with amazing London brunch recipes, bottomless or not, with prosecco or smoothies. You choose, you’re the master when you go out for a delicious weekend brunch in London. Without further ado, let’s dive into this breakdown of my favorite vegan brunch places in London – you’re bound to find your new favorite today!

Vegan Brunch Shoreditch: Oliveira Kitchen

best vegan brunch london west london oliveira kitchen
Photo: Oliveira Kitchen

Whether you’re looking for the best vegan brunch in Shoreditch or just for an amazing vegetarian breakfast in London, Oliveira Kitchen is one of the best places to eat in London. Not only is the location amazing, but the food is also artfully displayed in colorful plates you just want to devour.

It’s easy to set Oliveira Kitchen as the best brunch in East London once you’ve been there. The place is an organic vegetarian restaurant that offers endless vegan dishes like their own version of the French foie gras, reworked and renamed Faux Gras with chestnut, walnut, and mushroom. Another favorite is the vegan Forest Floor Calamari, created from wild Kaong seeds and blended with Japanese rayu and Moroccan preserved lemon. You must know how much I love Japanese food by now, so well. You get me.

If you’re looking for family-friendly brunch London restaurants, however, that’s not your destination. Oliveira Kitchen caters to adults who want to spend a quiet moment between friends or with their partners.

There are so many places for vegan brunch in Shoreditch, but when you bring your fork to your mouth at Oliveira Kitchen, you’ll understand what I’m saying. To be fair, something I love about this vegetarian restaurant is the fact that they don’t try to convince people to become vegetarians.

Rather, you enter the restaurant, and just enjoy some twisted and creative vegetarian dishes that will make you change your mind about the “seed-eaters”. A perfect place for a Sunday vegan brunch, although the restaurant is open all week long.

Best Brunch in West London: Farm Girl Cafe

best vegan brunch london west london farm girl cafe
Photo: Zomato

The best brunch in West London? Probably Farm Girl Cafe. If you’re looking for one of the most delicate and delicious places for brunch in Notting Hill, maybe vegan apple and pear pancakes, an açai bowl, or a cherry ripe porridge will brighten up your Sunday London brunch.

If you look for “vegan restaurants near me”, you’ll find Farm Girl Cafe. To be fair, it’s a great restaurant to have a fulfilling brunch at before a walk to the most colorful houses in Notting Hill. The recipes are not all fit for a vegan breakfast in London, however, there are many vegan options on the menu. That’s the beauty of the place – many can enjoy their delicious Sunday brunch recipes, from eggs to salmon and fruit.

The place is beautiful and cute – there’s no other word to describe it. You just feel good when you’re walking in the restaurant for a delightful brunch in London after a whole week of working towards your dreams. It’s just behind Portobello Road, so if you go for a Sunday brunch, you can definitely go to the Portobello Road Market before, and to the colorful streets to digest.

Chelsea Brunch London: Wulf & Lamb

best vegan brunch london west london wulf lamb
Photo: WellFestUK

The best Chelsea brunch London with delish vegan recipes? Wulf & Lamb, folks. That entirely vegan restaurant in West London crafts the most colorful brunch recipes. I’d say that you need to try their delicious artisan coffee, but I think you know that already.

Do you remember back in the day, when vegan dishes looked all brown and sad? The past few years really have leveled up the vegan places in London, and I now feel like eating at vegan or vegetarian restaurants without a doubt. The recipes are creative and innovative, and I’m known to love creativity in life.

Wulf & Lamb draws inspiration for their recipes from all around the world, and they’re actually most famous for their vegan burgers in London, and their absolutely delish Mac’n’cheese. There are two addresses for a Wulf & Lamb vegan brunch in London, one in Chelsea, and one in Marylebone.

The thing is, you’ll never taste the same dish twice. All the plant-based recipes in Wulf & Lamb are worth trying, and I cannot honestly tell you that you’ll have a favorite: all the brunch recipes and the breakfast options, along with their all-day dishes are exquisite.

Plant Hub Hackney: Gluten Free Vegan Brunch in London

best vegan brunch london west london plant hub
Photo: TimeOut

If you’re looking for a vegan and gluten free brunch in London, tadaam: the Plant Hub is an Italian restaurant in Hackney that offers the tastiest recipes. Is it the best brunch in East London? Given the difficulty that one usually has when looking for vegan restaurants that are also gluten free, and given the passion that the Plant Hub team blends into their cuisine, I can confirm that it is. If you love Italian coffee, you should also definitely check out the best Italian cafes in London – strong espresso, macchiato, and cappuccino… Delish.

Vegan restaurants near me usually all offer the same kind of healthy food, but what if I want to find the best vegan pizza in London? With the Plant Hub, I can assure you that the pain and suffering of having to look up a dozen places before finding just one or two restaurants that offer what you can eat, is over. Plus, Hackney is the place where lots of independent vegan candle brands in London have elected their home, so you’re really in a nice, vegan-friendly area.

It’s very unusual to find a vegan Italian restaurant in London. As such, when you find amazing gnocchi cacio e Pepe (cheese and black pepper), huge vegan pizza, and even tasty vegan desserts in London, you just go without a doubt and you stick to that place.

Vegan Brunch in London: Granger & Co King’s Cross Vegan Breakfast

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Photo: Bruncher

A vegan brunch in London is great. But, eating it from one of the very best and central vegan restaurants is that much better. Granger & Co offers an Australian brunch in London, which is something even more interesting than a normal brunch, isn’t it?

The recipes that the Bill Granger restaurants serve are “sunny, easy-going, and generous“. Broken tofu, creamy avocado, ripe fruit bowls, and twisted juices are all there on the menu of this amazing restaurant in London.

There are options for quite anyone at Granger & Co, with lots of vegetarian dishes that will feel fulfilling and cheer up your day in no time. I’d suggest putting together your own brunch when you go to this restaurant in King’s Cross.

That’s what I love doing so I know I’m only eating my favorite foods for my Sunday brunch in London. There’s a different vibe to a brunch on Sundays, so I want only the very best and finest food, and Granger & Co definitely delivers.

Best Brunch London Bridge: Lantana Cafe

best vegan brunch london west london lantana cafe
Photo: Lantana Cafe

A great place for a vegan brunch in London Bridge is Lantana Cafe. Although I love the London Bridge area and have actually worked at The Shard so I know it pretty well, I always feel like it’s kind of empty. It’s just my impression of a person who was working double shifts, arriving in the morning and leaving late at night, so of course, I didn’t see much of the bustling London Bridge restaurants, coffee shops, and things to do around there.

The best brunch at London Bridge would be Lantana Cafe because their Sunday brunch recipes are just out of this world. The weekend brunch is available from 9 to 4 on Saturdays and Sundays, with cinnamon French toasts, avocado poke bowls, and other bruschetta.

The dishes are not all vegan, however, the Lantana Cafe team has really kept vegan people in mind when creating the delicious variations. If you’re looking for a great cafe in London Bridge for vegan brunch, that’s a restaurant you need to try. You’ll love it – and if you’re looking for a brunch in Shoreditch or Fitzrovia, they also have an address there.

Vegan Brunch Soho London: Mildreds Soho

best vegan brunch london west london hill mildreds weekend
Photo: Facebook

Mildred’s is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Soho, and it offers lots of great vegan recipes that will brighten up any brunch in London. The restaurant opened on Greek Street in 1988 and used to be visited by mafia barons at the time. Funny how a London brunch in Soho can become so full of history, all of a sudden? It’s not just about getting the best vegan brunch in London, sometimes. When I’m eating at a historical place, I get even more pumped up. Now, the Mildreds restaurant address is in the bustling Carnaby area.

The prices at Mildreds are kept very reasonable despite the fact that the vegetarian restaurant is located in Central London. Toasted coconut bread, scrambled clean bean tofu, date and apple porridge, and of course, the famous smashed avocado toast are all waiting for you to taste them.

If you’re looking for a vegan brunch in Soho on a Sunday, well, Mildreds has quite a few options that range from a big brunch, a brunch bowl, or even a thali brunch. And those don’t go over £13, which we all know is a great price to eat at a vegan restaurant in Soho.

Vegan Brunch East London: The Canvas Cafe

Now, the Canvas Cafe probably offers the best vegan brunch in London. Why? First of all, because it is one of the most friendly hidden places in London. Out in the open, yet so underrated, this vegan restaurant in East London cooks up anything from a fully vegan breakfast to vegan brunch, lunch, and a myriad of other delicious juices and coffee.

You know by now just how much of a sucker I am for cute cafes in London, what with having told you all about amazing independent cafes in Shoreditch, Stoke Newington coffee shops, and places to grab artisan coffee in Covent Garden lately.

I’m a freelance writer and a blogger, after all, aren’t I? And to me, the improper myth that a writer sits in coffee shops in London to draw inspiration from the every day totally applies. The Canvas Cafe is described as a cafe and creative space in London. One of the small cute cafes in London, The Canvas Cafe offers the best vegan brunch in Shoreditch. I’m talking vegan sausages, vegan cheese, amazing vegan cakes in London… It can hardly get better than that.

If you’ve been looking for vegan restaurants in London with outdoor sitting, The Canvas Cafe offers just that, with some seats inside where you can get as vegan as you’ve ever been. Doesn’t mean anything, I know, but you get the gist. The best brunch in East London? Probably, if you add those delish vegan cakes they have going on at The Canvas Cafe. Oh, and since I know some of you have been looking for the best vegan fish and chips in London, you probably want to mark down this cafe in Shoreditch for when you get a fishy craving.

Caravan Kings Cross

best vegan brunch london west london caravan kings cross
Photo: Caravan

Caravan is one of the best coffee roasters in London, and I know that because I love finding artisan coffee in London. But in King’s Cross, there’s much more than that. If you find yourself around St Pancras, I can only very warmly recommend visiting Caravan for the best vegan brunch in London. There are always many people coming there, and during the weekend, you’ll most probably going to have to queue to get a table.

Although it’s not one of the fully vegan restaurants in London, Caravan King’s Cross does set itself apart from the crowd of vegan brunch places in London with a selection of homemade dishes all more delicious than the next. Bowls of fresh fruit, vegan breakfast with toast and porridge, veggie fry ups… There’s no discussing that Caravan only premium products to cook up delicious vegan brunch in London. Breakfast, lunch, dinner – you choose, it’s up to you to select what kind of amazing vegan food you’ll want to try that day.

During the weekend, Caravan doesn’t take bookings, and it all takes place on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can leave your name and number to Caravan, and they text you as soon as a table is ready for you. And since that’s not possible in every vegan restaurant in London… I mean, by all means, treat yourself!

And if you ever want to grab a vegan brunch in London from Caravan, but you’re not around King’s Cross, they have other locations that include Fitzrovia and Chelsea. At Canary Wharf too, where you can also find one of the most beautiful roof gardens in London and amazing restaurants with a view!

If we’ve met here on The London Local before, you probably know that aside from talking about the best restaurants and vegan brunch in London, I’m an East London girl through and through. That’s why I’ve written about the best things to do in Bethnal Green and Brick Lane and told you all about stunningly cute cafes in London around Shoreditch. And the way I see London, there’s plenty of fun things to do with kids, your partner or solo, even in areas where you feel like nothing’s happening.

I felt like that at the beginning when I lived in Bethnal Green. Wrong. One of the best vegan brunch in London is served at the Gallery Cafe, in the heart of Bethnal Green. First of all, the Gallery Cafe is located on Old Ford Road. Walking up and up towards Roman Road, there are many independent cafes and shops that all boast the vibe of East London, young and artsy, and one of the most underrated markets in London overall. 

At The Gallery Cafe, you can find a vegan brunch in London based on sourdough toast (ugh, love sourdough bread!), fresh spinach and tomatoes, scrambled tofu, and delicious plant-based milk drinks. Opened in 2006, The Gallery Cafe has been fully plant-based since 2017.

No cross-contamination, no animal produce enters the preparation of their amazing brunch. Just good, earthy produced, and locally sourced as much as possible. The best vegan brunch in East London? Probably. In addition to those delish bits, The Gallery Cafe also hosts live events, music, and artistic exhibitions. Loves it. 


best vegan brunch london west london rubys vegan bakeries london
Photo: Uber Eats

I’ve mentioned Ruby’s on The London Local before, specifically because aside from serving the best vegan brunch in London, it’s also a full-on vegan bakery. Plant-based, with vegan brownies that you make you cry yourself to sleep. They’re that good, and that’s not a joke. 

Located in Soho, Ruby’s offers a complete vegan brunch in London that relies on avocado or mushroom and vegan cheese on toast, tempeh, scrambled tofu, and delicious hummus. Lots of amazing vegan cakes on the menu, if you’re just looking for a vegan caffe latte to go with a piece of cake. 

I know it’s pretty tricky to find a vegan bottomless brunch in London, and Ruby’s Soho definitely is the spot for that. It’s located near the biggest bookshops in London, and you can do lots of cheap shopping around that too. 

Walk around Covent Garden, or do one of the super fun things to do in London I’ve told you about lately, and your day is wrapped up with joy. That’s it, nothing to add: with delicious, fresh produce and an upbeat atmosphere, Ruby’s is one of the best places for a vegan brunch in London.

Best Vegan Brunch London: Farmacy

best vegan brunch london west london farmacy notting hill london
Photo: Farmacy

Now, Farmacy really doesn’t need much of an introduction, does it? It’s a reference in terms of vegan brunch in London, and when you try their 100% organic and plant-based dishes, you’ll understand just why. Lots of gluten free options there too, as I know that many of us are getting more and more gluten intolerant. Up to you to choose if you want to go for brunch or linger for a vegan afternoon tea in London, in one of the most beautiful areas of the city.

But if you’re looking for the best vegan burgers in London, Farmacy is just that. Their mushroom, beetroot, and walnut burgers are to die for, for one. Beyond that, their version of the vegan omelet, with chickpeas, paprika, and harissa is one very interesting choice when you visit the restaurant. 

Salads, protein bowls, and delicious vegan cakes are available at Farmacy. You can definitely understand why it’s such a big deal to eat at this colorful Notting Hill restaurant. After that, you could go around the area and spend an amazing time photographing the super colorful houses in Notting Hill

Then go back down to Central London, check out all the cool statues in Leicester Square, and maybe do some well-deserved shopping? Near Notting Hill, you have some really cool charity shops on Portobello Road, so why not?

Ozone Coffee Roasters: Vegan Brunch in Shoreditch

best vegan brunch london west london ozone coffee roasters london
Photo: LemiApp

I’ve already talked about how Ozone Coffee Roasters is one of the best cafes in Shoreditch, but it’s also one of the very best coffee roasters in London. And now, if you’re looking for a delicious vegan brunch in Shoreditch, you’ll have a must-visit spot. One of the very cute cafes in London, Ozone Coffee Roasters has plenty of amazing dishes on their vegan brunch menu. 

London has this huge availability when it comes to choosing the best vegan restaurants to have brunch or breakfast at, doesn’t it? So whether you choose roast tomatoes, chips sauced up with vegan aioli, or vegan cakes like their stunning banana bread, you’re sure you won’t be hungry when you leave. 

Try their artisan coffee, because well, that’s a must-try if you love finding new coffee roasters in London. Ozone provides lots of coffee shops in London with their delicious coffee beans, and you can even get plant-based milk to slurp on in your coffee. 

Remember how I mentioned that you could visit Ozone Coffee Roasters in London if you were looking for a cafe to work and study? They do have Wifi, and enough space to work on the PC or just read a few pages while you’re eating your vegan cakes, and probably the best vegan brunch in London.

Vegan Brunch London: Cafe Van Gogh

Ah, Cafe Van Gogh on Brixton Road is one of the brunch places in London you need to visit. First of all, because we often forget that South West London is the vibe. What’s it with always talking about the best vegan brunch in East London? Brixton is amazing too, lively and colorful, and one of the places where you can get the best raw shea butter in London. The team at Cafe Van Gogh surely has understood that diversity and liveliness and integrated them into their menu.

Jerk plantain, red pepper, and aubergine shakshuka scrambled tofu on sourdough and delicious pancakes are all available on the Cafe Van Gogh menu. It’s one of the only restaurants where getting a vegan brunch in London feels and tastes that good. Probably the best vegan burgers in London, too, to be fair. 

Cafe Van Gogh really is one of those local vegan restaurants that offer no-frill, yet totally thrilling vegan brunch, burgers, cakes, and anything you could wish for, really. Ah, and if you’re looking for a vegan Sunday roast in London – guess where you’ll find that?

Best Brunch in East London: Wave

best vegan brunch london west london wave london
Photo: TripAdvisor

WAVE – We Are Vegan Everything. The best vegan brunch in East London? Well, with their legendary avocado on toast, vegan pancakes, and toasties… Probably. Wave is the lil’ sister brand of Cupcakes and Shhht, the 2012-founded vegan bakery in London that crafts anything from vegan birthday cakes to brownies and cupcakes. It’s just delicious there, guys, and I can’t believe it’s so underrated. 

If you’re a lover of specialty coffee in London, like the pink latte I love so much, you’ll love the matcha latte and turmeric latte at Wave. It’s really a cute spot to get a vegan breakfast or vegan brunch in East London, really. Located around Hackney, Wave just knows what they’re doing. 

I’d also like to say that their brekkie bowl is a delicious addition to the menu, and it’s full of delicious fresh fruit that will pair perfectly with a vegan toast. Gluten free options are available, so that’s definitely a place for whoever wants a bite of the best vegan food in London, and that’s a fact. Plus, it’s located super close to Hackney Central, home to designer outlet Hackney Walk – that’s where you’ll get super cheap designer clothes in London after brunch!

The Best Vegan Brunch in London: 15 Great Spots You’ll Love

So there you have them, the best spots to grab a delicious vegan brunch in London. After a full work week, I honestly love looking up the best brunch in East London, Chelsea, and Central places from which I can go shopping afterward (and why not shop for cheap designer clothes?). A vegan brunch in London is something specifically British in my eyes, and when you can get that from super cute cafes in London… What could be better than that?

As a French woman now living in London, and after spending a year in Rome, I am able to see the differences between the three cultures. Without a doubt, finding a fully vegan bottomless brunch in London is something very… Well, very London, innit, very edgy and forward. We don’t have that brunch culture in France, and from what I’ve seen, it’s not really a thing either in Italy.

In London, we’re lucky to have the best restaurants with decadent recipes for vegan brunch on Sunday. No eggs, no salmon, no animal-based sausages. Just the wholehearted goodness of plant-based cuisine.

Do you love food as much as I do? Then, you might want to check out those amazing spots for vegan food in London:

Until next time!

PS. Did you know that there are amazing and free Japanese gardens in London?