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11 Really Delicious Best Cafes in London Bridge (2023)

Sitting at one of the London Bridge cafes after a long walk around Southbank and Borough Market is something I love doing. I think that obsession with coffee shops stems from both of my cultures; French and Moroccan. And being able to echo my background with a moment in the best cafes in London Bridge makes me the happiest person on Earth. I’ve been raised in coffeeshops, if I may say so – I learned to read in one for the most part, and those are memories you can’t ever erase. Thus, it seems so normal for me, when I look for things to do in London, to look up the cafes (and bakeries) first.

The Best Cafes in London Bridge For Breakfast and Brunch

Today, I’m here to tell you about cool things you can do from London Eye to Tower Bridge. Trust me! London is more than just Tower Bridge, tall skyscrapers, and Borough Market. There are plenty of exciting things to do in London Bridge, waiting for you to get explored. So, take out pen and paper and start writing down the best coffee shops in London Bridge, the best spots to have breakfast, and much more!

11 Best Restaurants & Cafes in London Bridge for Breakfast & Brunch

gaucho steak southwark london bridge cafes restaurants breakfast brunch
Photo: Independent

The London Bridge slash Tower Bridge area is loaded with a number of cafes, coffee shops, and luxurious restaurants. Some of them are reasonable in price, and some are very high-end. However, you can enjoy luxe cafes without emptying your pockets. You will only have to place an order smartly. 

I have picked some of the most famous cafes at London Bridge, places for an affordable brunch at Tower Bridge, and coffee shops near London Bridge. That way, you really have plenty of choices when it comes to selecting the perfect menu for you.

The cafes that I have selected are reasonable with mouthwatering taste and a bunch of options on the menu to choose from. Londoners can’t start their day without having a good cup of coffee – life really is fast-paced here, and you don’t survive without your sleep and coffee.

Best Cafe London Bridge: Monmouth

Try asking Londoners about the best coffee shop in London Bridge and you will definitely hear the name Monmouth a couple of times. Located beside Borough Market, prepare yourself to stand in the queue and wait for your turn because their coffee is The Best. 

I have tried many coffee shops in London, but Monmouth is still my favorite spot. The incredible thing about their coffee is the “flavor.” You will find it unique in every visit. It is so rich in flavor that you will really enjoy every sip. 

The reason for the richness is that they buy coffee in small batches from small farms all across the world. What I prefer to do is grab my favorite cup of coffee and pick up a good bite to eat and explore the amazing views of London Bridge.

I didn’t use to go out very early when I was working for other companies in London – often, my shifts would demand me to sleep a great part of the day. Since I’ve been freelancing full time, on the other hand, I have all the time in the world (that’s a lie) to get a nice breakfast at London Bridge and relish the beautiful Southbank and parks nearby.

Monmouth Cafe London Bridge Address: 2 Park St, London SE1 AB

Famous Coffee shop at London Bridge: Three Wheels Coffee

Three Wheels Coffee is one of my Favourite London bridge coffee shops. There is an inspiring story behind its unique name, “Three Wheels Coffee.” Rory Doyle started this coffee shop on the back of a tricycle after being obsessed with coffee on a trip to South America. He sourced beans from his favorite plantations across the continent and became famous in no time because of the quality and flavor. The independent brewer brew such a flavourful coffee that now you will find its name on every list of best cafes in London. Such an inspiring story. Isn’t it?

I love shopping at the arcade in London Bridge – there are so many more shops than you could imagine inside a station like this! From stationery to books, perfume and makeup, there’s everything. And, of course, the best cafe in London Bridge too.

Three Wheels Coffee London Address: The Retail Arcade, 32 London Bridge St, London SE1 9SG

London Bridge Cafe: Chapter 72

No list of the best coffee shops in London bridge would be complete without Chapter 72. In 2018, this place won the best local coffee shop award – not only is it one of the cutest cafes around but it’s perfectly set in the super trendy area. I love Bermondsey Street – it has a Franco Manca, a Vietnamese restaurant, the Fashion and Design Museum, and White Cube all around. What more could you ask for?

Maintaining high quality and Sourcing the best coffee beans is what Owner Rod and Ellie are passionate about. From classic coffee in London Bridge to coffee cocktails, you will find every combination on their menu. Yes! You heard right. They have coffee cocktails and their best seller is “Jamaican Me Crazy.” It is a combination of coffee with passion fruits and mangos. If you are planning to visit for the first time, I recommend you to grab this one. You can’t go any wrong with such incredible fruit combinations. 

Chapter 72 Coffee Shop London Address: 72 Bermondsey St, London SE1 3UD

Brunch in Tower Bridge: Bravas Tapas

Bravas Tapas is one of my favorite restaurants to have brunch in Tower Bridge. The specialty there is Spanish food, and from the name, you might have guessed: they serve the best tapas. I know that when you’re thinking brunch in London Bridge, you’re most probably thinking pancakes, waffles, and fresh fruit with maybe some sparkling wine. I’m talking something different here – and after all, aren’t we all always looking for different things to do near London Bridge? Enough with the tourist stuff already.  

Bravas Tapas is a high end restaurant in London Bridge, but some of their dishes start from £3, and you can definitely build your own brunch with several elements of the menu. If you give me the choice between an already set brunch menu or making my own little menu, I’ll always choose to build my own brunch. Dishes to look out for include the gazpacho that you can get with whipped-to-order aioli. I mean, so much for freshness, right? It’s definitely not your usual breakfast or brunch in London Bridge, but it’s very much worth a visit.

Bravas Tapas London Restaurant Address: Saint Katherine Docks, E Smithfield, London E1W 1AT

Brunch near Tower Bridge: Gaucho

gaucho steak london bridge cafes restaurants breakfast brunch
Photo: Quandoo

I will highly recommend you to visit Gaucho because they offer – possibly – the best brunch near Tower Bridge. It’s only a 9-minute walk from London Bridge, and it’s fancy! From bottomless brunch to steaks and eggs, you can go as all out as you want.

What I like the most about Gaucho is its ambiance, lively yet elegant From sitting time, you will get your order within 2 hours no matter what. Their Electro Brunch is worth every single penny. It costs £49.95, and it’s full of the most exquisite Argentinian dishes – steaks included since they’re the specialty of the house.

Gaucho Tower Bridge Steak Restaurant Address: 2 More London Riverside, London, SE1 2AP

Breakfast at London Bridge: Caravan Bankside

caravan bankside london bridge cafes restaurants breakfast brunch
Photo: London on the Inside

Caravan is one of my favorite places for the best Breakfast at London Bridge. The food isn’t only good, the entire restaurant looks absolutely high end. The dining area, in particular, gives a hint of having been an industrial area in the past. Basically, it was an old metal box factory that later turned into a restaurant and you can still get the hint to this day. The amazing taste of food and ambiance makes it one of the best London Bridge brunch spots. 

The breakfast menu includes traditional meals and food combinations to satisfy your taste buds. Green baked eggs, jalapeno cornbread with bacon, and coffee are my favorite go-to breakfast at Caravan. Prices are reasonable here. The meals start at £10, and Caravan Bankside provides first-come, first-serve service. If you want to have a restaurant, coffee shop, and roastery all into one destination in London Bridge, that’s where you want to go.

Caravan Bankside Brunch London Address: 30 Guildford Street, London

Reasonable Brunch London Bridge: The Folly

Located in Monument, The Folly is one of the most reasonable brunch spots near London bridge. From Tower Bridge, it’s a 14-minute walk. Prices start from £7.95. If you are short on budget but still want to enjoy delicious food at London’s famous location, then this place would be a perfect choice. The Folly serves brunch until 2 pm on weekends and 11 am on weekdays.

They have a good number of options on their menu and serve brunch platters for up to 10 people at very reasonable prices too, considering that London Bridge and Monument aren’t exactly the cheapest places to get breakfast or brunch in London. 

I remember walking past The Folly when I’d walk back home from Borough Market to Bethnal Green, just for the fun of it. I’d dream of trying it once, and once I saw that the prices were actually much more affordable than I thought they’d be, that was it. Even just for a cup of tea or a cocktail, that’s really just one of those restaurants slash cafes in London Bridge that you should try.

The Folly Brunch London Address: 41 Gracechurch St, EC3V OBT 

Brunch in London Bridge: The Breakfast Club

A great place to have brunch near the London Bridge area is The Breakfast Café. I’ve talked about it before because their vegan and vegetarian options are on point to start the day on the right foot. It’s located at a roughly 6/7 minutes walk from the bridge. The café is small but serves one the best London bridge brunch you’ll ever eat. You may have to wait a few minutes to be seated because of the long queue at the entrance. It’s always the same, but it does show just how much of a popular London Bridge cafe this place is.

They have an abundance of delicious dishes on their menu to choose from. I have tried every single dish on the menu. All of them are richer in flavor, but you cannot get wrong with Breakfast Burritos served with skin-on chips. A great cup of latte coffee is everything I would need more. From American Pancakes to Classic Eggs, people of all food tastes can find something that they like and that is enough to leave a food lover in shock. 

If you think you can avoid line and book reservations, then you are wrong, my friend. There is no way to escape the queues at the popular Brush spot around the Tower Bridge area. The Breakfast Club is reasonable and the menu starts from £10 pp. With this price range, this may be the best London Bridge brunch spot. 

The Breakfast Club London Breakfast Address: 11 Southwark Street, London SE1 1RQ

Best London Bridge Brunch: Oblix

oblix at the shard vegan london bridge cafes restaurants breakfast brunch
Photo: Oblix

Want to go fancy and ready to splash the cash? Then Oblix is the place for the best Brunch in London Bridge. You probably know, if you’ve been reading The London Local guides for a while, that I used to work as a receptionist for the Oblix restaurant. I loved the experience… and the food there is exquisite.

Being one of the best brunch spots in London, this luxurious place offers a three-course brunch, served with a side Champagne and spectacular view. This restaurant in The Shard is split into two wings: East, where you can find the bar and eat some more laidback food like fancy burgers and bites, and West, where you can get the Afternoon Tea, a fancy brunch, and the craziest grilled meats and seafood you’ll ever eat in London. 

When I want to go classic with my food, I prefer to order a 3-course Brunch. It costs around £62 per person. Otherwise, Caviar or truffle mayonnaise would be on my plate. Oblix is located at a 6-minute walk from London Bridge and a roughly 14-minute walk from Tower Bridge. When you walk up St. Thomas Street, you arrive straight away at Borough Market. Anywhere you go, you’ll just have the nicest moment around – and in this London Bridge restaurant.

Oblix The Shard Address: Level 32, The Shard, 31 St. Thomas Street, London SE1 9RY

Lantana Café London Bridge

Located on the south of the river, Lantana Café London Bridge is an all-rounder. It is one of the most flavourful places in London, and they serve some of the best Breakfast, Brunch, and Dinner in London. Open all day, this Australian restaurant offers special dishes like Duck Hash, Salmon Poke Bowl, and smashed Avocado served with smoked salmon or bacon, the best London Bridge Breakfast.  

If you are a vegan, then Lantana Café is a coffee shop perfect for you. They have a good variety on the vegan menu – Courgette & Cheddar Bread with Halloumi and the Avocado Poke Bowl are two amazing options for anyone to enjoy. Their Sunday brunch will take you out of the world – you know how much I love my lazy brunch on the weekends… If you are looking for the best London Bridge brunch, you must try Lantana Café.

I’d suggest going to the London Bridge Christmas Market in the morning since it’s now open, between London Bridge and Tower Hill. After a wee bit of shopping, you can get some heartwarming food bites or a proper breakfast. Weekend brunch is available from 9 am to 4 pm every Saturday and Sunday, so you have plenty of time to properly wake up before going to chow down the coolest comfort food in London Bridge.

Lantana Cafe London Coffee Shop Address: 44-46 Southwark St, London SE1 1UN 

Best Breakfast at London Bridge: The Ivy Tower Bridge

The Ivy offers the most delicious breakfast and brunch in Tower bridge. They also offer a wide range of vegan and vegetarian dishes so whether you’re feeling breakfast or brunch, you won’t get disappointed. 

What I like about The Ivy is they serve a full English breakfast. You probably know by now I absolutely love me a good old Full English. I’ve actually written about the best halal places for breakfast in London, and the same thing for London vegan breakfast places too. From delicious meat to poached hen’s egg, you can have anything on your plate at The Ivy.

When I visited this cafe restaurant, I ordered the Garden Breakfast, a vegetarian version of English breakfast. Grilled Halloumi, a poached hen’s, avocado slices served with flat mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, potato hash flavored up with hollandaise sauce, and baked beans. Oh, and if you need a gluten free breakfast or brunch in London, you can also get gluten-free toasts at The Ivy.

However, you can still choose between granary, white, or gluten-free toasts – there’s something to accommodate everyone. For health freaks, greek yogurt with gluten-free Organic granola and berries on top is a great option. The bright, glam interior of The Ivy café is enough to vibrant up your dining experience. If I visit this place on a sunny day, I prefer to manage a table outside and enjoy the sight of the river Thames while having breakfast in Tower Bridge. 

London Bridge Brunch The Ivy Address: One Tower Bridge, Tower Bridge Road, SE1 2AA London 

11 Best Cafes in London Bridge for Breakfast and Brunch

There you have them, the best London Bridge cafes and restaurants to get your breakfast and brunch fix. The distance between London Bridge and Tower Bridge is not big, and you can easily reach the cafes at London Bridge by taking any route in just a few minutes. I’ve written a cool post about the best things to do in and around London Bridge, and I highly recommend you take a look at it so you spend some nice time there!


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