The Best Markets in London: Food Markets, Fashion, Art…

The best markets in London serve up a little something for everyone, from bargain fashion and handcrafted pieces to delicious foods and antiques. Get your day started with a traditional English breakfast from one of the many London market stalls or an amazing vegan brunch in London.

Browse through vintage clothes at Portobello Market, and find that perfect gift at the Camden Lock Market – it’s almost Christmas, but the best Christmas markets in London aren’t open yet so… Those are amazing options to consider. Whether you’re looking for an antique Paddington bear or a new pair of Doc Martens, there is for sure a market in London where you can take home your treasures for less. So if you’re ready, let’s get on with the best markets in London!

The Top London Street Markets in 2022

the 10 best london market markets camden lock town borough spitalfields portobello notting hill

One of my favorite activities on a Saturday afternoon is perusing the stalls of a cool Central London market. You might find me at Borough Market looking for amazing artisan donuts or the Columbia Road Flower Market, sometimes with a stop for breakfast or brunch in between. It is easy to find cheap food at London’s markets as well. Stalls sometimes even have free samples! I often come home with fruits and veggies, but there are also other items that I don’t mind adding to my shopping bags. At all, actually.

London has an incredible variety of markets to explore. From Covent Garden to the London Camden Market, all you have to do is take a stroll down a few streets and you will stumble upon everything from fresh produce stands to a London flea market offering knickknacks from around the globe.

When it comes time for a Christmas market in London, be sure to check out the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. With an ice rink, rides, and gifts from around the world, this is a festive event you don’t want to miss. A London market is like no other. When you’re in town, be sure to explore all the best markets London has to offer. Here are some of London’s best markets that carry more than offer food, trinkets, and everything in between!

Best London Street Markets: Portobello Road Market

best markets in london for food fashion art antiques london street food london market

Portobello Road London has been a famous street market for over 200 years since it was then mainly an open-air fruit and vegetable market. Today the grand bazaar features antiques, clothing, paintings, handmade crafts, and many other urban finds to explore as you eat your way through this vibrant neighborhood.

Many of the stalls have been there for decades so don’t be afraid to haggle a bit to enjoy some great finds. As one of the best markets in London for food,  don’t miss out on the chance to eat some of the best curries in town while you wander through the stalls. There are lots of colorful houses in Notting Hill, and Portobello is part of that lively area so be sure to check out all the colored streets while you’re here!

The best markets in London for food offer a wide variety of cuisines in a casual atmosphere, with ample seating and often a nice view. Portobello does it. The main ingredients for a great market are quality vendors and affordable prices, both of which you’ll find here. On the other hand, the best markets in London for fashion offer a wide variety of high quality and unique items. Once again, Portobello does it, and it does it well.

Best Markets in London: Spitafields Market

best markets in london for food fashion art antiques spitalfields

The market in Spitafields London offers some of the best street food in London. Unique and unusual donuts, crepes, and waffles can be found in the stalls of this busy market. Although there are a lot of street food traders here you will not be disappointed with what they have to offer. Doughnut, anyone?

Who doesn’t like fresh-made doughnuts on the street? The doughnuts at Spitafields taste delicious and if you’re lucky enough they might still be warm when you get them! There’s no such thing as a bad donut anyway but these ones were definitely worth writing home about. This London food market also had new flavors every day so if you come back tomorrow there might be something different on offer. It was great to see options for vegan people too!

Around Spitalfields Market, there are a lot of makeup and beauty shops. They’re rather high end, like Nars and MAC, yet there’s also a The Ordinary shop that’s really worth your time if getting an amazing foundation for around £6 is your cup of tea.

Best London Street Food Markets: Borough Market

best markets in london for food fashion art antiques borough market

Borough Market in London has been supplying the capital with fresh food and artisan products for over a millennium, with its oldest written record mentioning it as far back as the year 1140.

This one of London’s biggest “one-stop shops”, is located next to Southwark Council where Borough High Street meets Stoney Street. An area historically inhabited by those who lived on either side of the River Thames, now known as ‘Southeast London’. One of the oldest and best markets in London,  Borough Market has been a favorite for locals and tourists alike since its official establishment.                 

London Flower Market: Columbia Road Market

best markets in london for food fashion art antiques flowers

This flower market London is one of the oldest markets in London. It has become an icon for Londoners over the years offering a variety of goods including flowers, plants, fruit, and vegetables.

Columbia Road Market is also one of the best markets in London for food.  You can buy a selection of food to suit all tastes. I visited the market one Sunday morning. It was very busy so I assumed that it must be a good market!

When you’re done browsing the stalls, you will most likely find a place to relax with cheap food and drink: many times including live music or entertainment as well!  I can’t think of a better way to spend my free time than wandering through the stalls of some of the best markets in London, admiring local artisans, and picking up some great eats along the way. Flowers are amazing, and a dreamy sight, but food, man… Food.

Best Flea Markets in London: Camden Lock Market

best markets in london for food fashion art antiques camden
Street scene on Chalk Farm Road, Camden Town, London – home of alternative fashion and tattoo studios. This is Camden market, a magnet for tourists visiting London looking for bargain fashion clothing.

This London flea market is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for interesting gifts, antiques, and other pieces of art. Also one of the best markets in London for fashion, the Camden Road Market has more than enough shops and stalls to keep you busy for hours.

As one of the most popular London attractions, Camden Market attracts millions of visitors each year. The best thing to do when you arrive in Camden is just wandering around aimlessly in awe at all there is on offer or plan your visit in advance so that you can go straight to your favorite stall! 

I’d also suggest paying a visit to some of the coolest Camden Town charity shops if you’re around on a Saturday, as they’re all open. However, the area is also really lively when it comes to discount and budget stores in London – you’ll find two Poundland shops there, a Savers, and probably some that I haven’t even had the time to write about.

Best London Market: Brixton Market

best markets in london for food fashion art antiques brixton

If you want to go to a brilliant market in London, go to Brixton Market on Electric Avenue. The Brixton Market is one of the best markets in London for food.  Every day there are hundreds of stalls in the market selling food of every kind. It is full of different kinds of things and there are lots of shops selling fruit and vegetables.

There are also many shops selling food! You can buy anything from fish to cakes here. The market is open 7 days a week so everyone who likes shopping or just wants some new experiences should come here when they get a chance. It’s right by Brixton Tube Station too which means it’s easy to get there.

If I need to be honest, I often go to Brixton Market because of their traders of… natural, pure shea butter in London. I love really strong, unrefined butter for my hair and skin. The shea butter there is sold either in boxes or straight into cling film, making the experience even more authentic and natural.

Street Food London Markets Saturday: Brick Lane Market

best markets in london for food fashion art antiques brick lane

Brick Lane is a London flea market in the borough of Tower Hamlets, in East London. It’s located near Whitechapel and Aldgate East, which offer some of the best halal restaurants in East London too.

While Old Montague Street forms part of Ermine Street, one of the original north-south roads through the old East End. Brick Lane runs from south to north, leading via Burdett Road into Victoria Park. The street is famous for its markets and has been since the 1850s.

The market forms part of a wider Brick Lane Market Cluster which includes other nearby markets in Banglatown including Cheshire Street, Fashion Street, and Backyard Market. Brick Lane is known as one of the best markets in London for fashion, especially vintage. To be fair, the reason I love going there is most notably the amazing street art scattered in every corner of the street. That’s a sight that you can’t miss, friends.

London Markets Saturday: Covent Garden Market

best markets in london for food fashion art antiques covent garden

Looking for the best markets in London for antiques? Then Covent Garden Market is the place for you. The market itself consists of a vast array of stalls, shops, and boutiques spread over several streets, small lanes, and inside some of London’s best-known landmarks.

Famous for its annual flower markets, Covent Garden has recently been undergoing a multimillion-pound redevelopment which many claim to have destroyed what was once one of London’s most atmospherical, if not slightly chaotic, open markets.

Mercato Metropolitano

best markets in london for food fashion art antiques Mercato Metropolitano
Photo: Xceed

This London food market only takes place on Saturdays and is packed with delicious produce. You can get everything from Moroccan flatbreads to Spanish churros; there’s plenty of food for everyone!

There are usually a number of restaurants and meat stalls which sell dishes such as paella and jerk chicken. As a popular London market, full of handmade items, so if you’re looking for something unique it’s definitely worth a look! I am a big lover of Vietnamese pho soup and there’s a stall there for it. There’s amazing Neapolitan pizza and so many more delish food stalls than you can possibly imagine!

Best Markets in London: Leadenhall Market

best markets in london for food fashion art antiques Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall Market is one of the best markets in London for antiques.  It specializes in collectibles with some very knowledgeable dealers. Even if you don’t have a large budget, there are several good antique stalls in the market. It also has some excellent restaurants and pubs for lunch or a pre-arranged meal before purchasing your antiques, a great spot to visit in the City of London.

It’s located in the midst of the city, near Liverpool Street, Bank, and it’s not too far from some of the coolest London landmarks like St Paul’s Cathedral and the Thames.

The Best Markets in London For Food, Fashion, Art, Antiques, and More

london market markets camden lock town borough spitalfields portobello notting hill

There you have it: there is no shortage of what you can find at the best markets in London. Each London market has its own specialties, and most are open on most days of the week.

Try not to get overwhelmed by all of your choices, but do try to see them all. London is a massive city that has something for everyone, including shopping lovers! From Portobello Road London to the London Camden Market,  explore some of the best markets in London and seek out those unique and special items you’ve always wanted.

London is a city with so many opportunities to explore and discover, and if you’re traveling solo, check out those super cheap non touristy things to do in London!


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