Keeping Kids Entertained: Tips and Tricks for Fun-Filled Travels and Holidays


Travelling with children can be both an exhilarating adventure and a complex challenge. Ensuring your little ones remain entertained while on the move and throughout your holiday is key to a stress-free experience. Here are some tried-and-tested tips to keep your kids engaged and happy, making your family travels smoother and more enjoyable.

Before You Leave: Preparation is Key

Preparation is the cornerstone of successful travel with children. Here’s how you can get ready for a smooth journey:

1. Involve the Kids in Planning: Engage your children in planning. Let them help choose destinations, activities, and even what to pack. This involvement can make them feel more invested and excited about the trip. Highlight attractions that feature activities they love, such as parks with metal climbing frames or places where they can enjoy a trampoline 12ft.

2. Pack a Bag of Tricks: Prepare a travel bag filled with their favourite toys, books, and games. Consider compact and travel-friendly options. Small puzzles, colouring books, and electronic devices loaded with educational games can be lifesavers.

3. Snacks and Drinks: Healthy snacks and drinks can stave off hunger-induced tantrums. Pack a variety of options to keep their taste buds happy and avoid sugary snacks that can lead to energy crashes.

During Travel: Keeping the Fun Alive

Whether you’re travelling by car, plane, or train, these tips can help keep your children entertained:

1. Interactive Games: Classic travel games like “I Spy”, “20 Questions”, or car bingo can keep kids entertained for hours. These games are great for stimulating their minds and reducing boredom.

2. Digital Entertainment: Tablets and portable DVD players can be a godsend. Load them up with movies, TV shows, and educational apps. Don’t forget headphones to keep the noise levels down.

3. Frequent Breaks: If you’re travelling by car, plan for regular breaks. Let your kids stretch their legs, run around, and expend some energy. Look for rest stops with playgrounds or green spaces.

At Your Destination: Fun and Engagement

Once you’ve arrived, keeping the kids entertained during the holiday itself is crucial. Here’s where larger equipment like metal climbing frames and trampolines can come into play.

1. Outdoor Play Equipment: If you’re staying in a holiday home or a resort, check if they have a metal climbing frame. These robust structures are perfect for children to climb, hang, and swing on, providing hours of physical activity and fun. They are not only entertaining but also help in developing motor skills and coordination.

2. Trampoline Joy: A 12ft trampoline can be the highlight of your holiday accommodation. Trampolines are fantastic for children of all ages. They offer a great way to burn off energy, improve balance, and simply have a lot of fun. Make sure the trampoline is safe and has a protective net to prevent any accidents.

3. Local Attractions: Research local attractions that are child-friendly. Zoos, aquariums, amusement parks, and beaches are always popular. Educational visits to museums or historical sites can also be made fun with interactive exhibits and child-friendly tours.

4. Structured Activities: Many holiday destinations offer structured activities for children, such as kids’ clubs, sports lessons, or craft workshops. These can give parents a much-needed break while the children are entertained and making new friends.

Tips for Relaxing Evenings

Evenings can be challenging as children might be tired and cranky. Here’s how to ensure a peaceful end to the day:

1. Evening Routines: Try to maintain a semblance of their regular bedtime routine. A familiar routine can help them settle down more quickly in an unfamiliar environment.

2. Quiet Time: Encourage some quiet time activities before bed, such as reading a book or listening to a story. Avoid stimulating activities and screens an hour before bedtime to help them wind down.

3. Comfort Items: Bring along their favourite blanket or stuffed toy. These comfort items can provide a sense of security and familiarity, making it easier for them to fall asleep.


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Keeping kids entertained while travelling and on holiday doesn’t have to be daunting. With a bit of preparation and suitable activities, you can ensure your children have a fun and engaging time. If available, remember to make use of versatile outdoor equipment like metal climbing frames and 12-foot trampolines, as they provide great opportunities for physical play. Most importantly, be flexible and enjoy the precious moments with your family. Happy travels!