10 Really Cool Cafes in Old Street

I thought that telling you about the very best cafes in Old Street would be a cool way to come back to The London Local. A while back, I’ve written all about the best coffee in Shoreditch, with places like Aida Shoreditch (which has the coolest pink latte in London!) and Paper + Cup. You know that as a freelancer, it’s of the utmost importance for me to always include some of the best cafes to work in London in my posts. So here we are today, on the quest to the ultimate best coffee shops in Old Street, one of the busiest and oldest streets in London

A little while has passed since my last article on The London Local, namely because I was busy moving. Now that I’m finally set in North London, I’ll be telling you all about the best restaurants and cute cafes in London more often than ever before. If you’re ever around East London, you might like to check out some of the best coffee shops in Shoreditch, and if you’re far west, I’ve already covered for you all the cute cafes in Chelsea and South Kensington.

10 Best Cafes in Old Street London To Work, Chill, or Study

best cafes in old street coffee shops in old street
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Okay, so I didn’t use to love cafes in Old Street as much as I love lazying around in Shoreditch coffee shops, I have to admit it. There’s something that I used to dislike very much about Old Street, and I guess that has to do with how huge this portion of London is. I love Great Eastern Street, and we know some of the best street art in London is located nearby, around Old Street, Shoreditch, and Brick Lane.

But there are many cars passing by too, the streets are huge, and even though there are many coffee shops in Old Street, it took me ages to actually start appreciating getting some of the best coffee in Shoreditch there. Lucky me I try to stay open-minded, otherwise, my small-town mindset would not carry me far, innit. 

Some of the cafes near Old Street I’m about to mention are the perfect example of cafes to work in London, like Grind or Ozone Coffee Roasters that I’ve mentioned in my guide to the best cafes in Shoreditch some time ago. Some are somewhat themed cafes in Old Street, like The Shed and Look Mum No Hands, which double as bike shops and even plain independent shops in Old Street. 

I’ve selected all those cool places because of their attention to offering the best coffee in Shoreditch. There, you’re just bound to have a great time whether you’re looking for coffee, brunch, or breakfast in Old Street. So let’s get on!

Look Mum No Hands!: Best Cafes in Old Street

Look Mum No Hands is one of the most famous cafes in Old Street, and there’s just no way to contest that. The 2010-founded coffee shop is a mix of passions, with lots of smaller spaces building up to serving the best coffee in Shoreditch.

First of all, whether you’d like to get breakfast, brunch or lunch in Old Street, Look Mum No Hands has it all. Aside from the coffee shop, you can also find an exhibition venue inside as well as a bar and even a bicycle workshop that has since long sat the Old Street cafe’s authority in terms of themed coffee shops in London. 

If you’ve been looking for the best coffee in Shoreditch and pet-friendly cafes in London, that’s definitely a place you’re going to want to visit. The big space makes you feel somewhat cozy while you’re working or chilling, with light entering through big windows and lots of people coming to make their dreams come true digitally. Although there are lots of cafes in Old Street, that might be some of the very best coffee served at Look Mum No Hands, so it’s really worth a detour even if you’re not hanging around Shoreditch that day.

Best Cafes in Shoreditch: Grind Old Street

I think it’s no secret that if you’ve been to The London Local before, you’ve already read that Grind Shoreditch on the Old Street roundabout offers some of the best coffee in Shoreditch. The first Grind coffee shop in London opened in 2011, and there are quite a few of those cute cafes all around town now. 

Namely, I’ve written about Grind as one of the best cafes to work in London – especially if you’re a student or a freelancer. Not only is the indie coffee roastery delicious in terms of ground coffee recipes, but they also offer an all-day menu that will really get your tastebuds dancing. Vegetarian and vegan options are available on the menu, filled with delish sandwiches, non-dairy yogurts, and moist cakes.

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What I like about Grind is its very different vibe from other cafes in Old Street. This one really focuses on a facade echoing 50’s diners, and the inside is warm enough that you want to spend a few hours there working or enjoying breakfast or brunch. It’s also one of the closest cafes near Old Street station, so you can’t really miss it. And the coolest part about it all, I’d still say, is the ever-changing message above the coffee shop door, super cute, super sharp, and very often socially-engaged.

The Attendant Coffee: Cool Cafes Near Old Street

the attendant cafe best cafes in old street coffee shops in old street
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We’ve talked about The Attendant coffee shop on The London Local already, with the famous first one open in an old toilet in Fitzrovia. The Attendant Shoreditch opened a few years later on Great Eastern Street, one of the busiest streets around Shoreditch and Old Street. 

That’s one of those coffee shops in Shoreditch that’s no-fuss and no-frill, with a simple and efficient menu and service. If you’re looking for the perfect place to start the day with delicious coffee, tea, or orange juice, then The Attendant will definitely provide. The fact that it’s so close to some of the best street art in London just makes the trip that much more enjoyable. 

I think it’s worth noting that The Attendant is also a roastery, and I always pay close attention to whether a coffee shop makes or uses original coffee beans brewed by the team. Oh, and aside from hot and cold brews, since you know I love finding colorful latte in London (I’ve already told you all about the best cafes for pink latte, haven’t I?), you can get cold turmeric or iced matcha latte at The Attendant Shoreditch. Always worth a try if you’ve never tasted vegetarian coffee, innit?

Best Cafes in Old Street: Old Street Cafe

There are some coffee shops in Old Street that have garnered a great reputation over the years and become some of the most famous cafes in London. That would easily be El&n Cafe, The Attendant or Grind Shoreditch. And then there are some cafes in Old Street that are really different, really low-key, and those are some of the coffee shops that offer the best, quiet moments in London. 

So when you need to grab a really delicious breakfast in Old Street and down some of the very best coffee in Shoreditch, I can only recommend Old Street Cafe. As the team puts it, the coffee shop’s ethos is “Coffee heart & soul”, and you can taste it with every sip of the %100 Arabica bean coffee used on spot. 

Old Street is such a huge street that it can easily put you off when you’re trying to find the best breakfast in Old Street. And that’s where Old Street Cafe (also called Copper Beans) proves to be one of the best spots for breakfast, a light brunch, or even a quick and delicious lunch in the heart of Shoreditch. 

I’m talking about amazing viennoiseries (the best pain au chocolat in London?), sandwiches, bagels, rolls… Quite anything to please the greater part of the population grabbing some food before work. Easily one of the most underrated cafes in Old Street, with a great vibe and really friendly service.

Ozone Coffee Roasters: Best Shoreditch Coffee Shops

best cafes in old street coffee shops in old street cafes old street best coffee shops shoreditch ozone coffee roasters cafe shoreditch
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I mentioned Ozone Coffee Roasters in the same guide to the best cafes to work in Shoreditch a while back. First of all, what’s always tugged tight at my heart when it comes to Ozone Coffee Roasters is the fact that, well, they’re one of the best coffee roasters in London. It’s so very important to me to get the best coffee in London wherever I go. After all, I do have a Moka coffee machine tattooed on my forearm, and I’ve lived between London and Rome long enough to only appreciate a great cup of coffee.

So, Ozone Coffee Roasters might not be a spot-on Old Street cafe, but it’s close enough that I felt it belonged on this list. If you’re looking for a great chill space to read a book or try to piece together your thoughts when you’ve just woken up and need to feel alive before work, that’s the best coffee shop in Shoreditch to do that.

When I visit a coffee shop in Old Street, Chelsea, South Kensington, or a Stoke Newington cafe, what I’m mostly interested in is whether the coffee is going to be great or not. But the atmosphere is especially important to me. If the decor is great – especially if there’s some wood, I’m bound to fall in love very quickly. So the fact that Ozone has all that, plus amazing music playing in the background at all times of the day really is a plus.

Best Cafes in Old Street: Trade Cafe

I feel like Trade is easily one of the most underrated and best cafes in Old Street. That makes it that much more local-feeling when you get some coffee there. It’s honestly not one of the cheapest cafes in London, with sandwiches averaging £11 apiece (the kind of prices you can sometimes find in the best cafes in London Bridge, for instance), but to their defense, they really are yummy. Since I want to be focusing on the best coffee in Old Street, I feel it’s important to mention that the cappuccino, macchiato, espresso, and flat white are all absolutely delicious coffee gems

That’s one of the coffee shops in Old Street that also offer delivery, and I would like to highlight that if you love breakfast rolls and club sandwiches, that’s really one of the cafes in Shoreditch that you can’t miss. If you’d like to make the moment a delicious brunch one, that’s also something you can do at Trade Cafe. I can’t stress enough how underrated this coffee shop in Old Street is, and that’s really a place where you feel good and will thank yourself for getting out of bed that morning. 

Great Coffee Shops in Old Street: The Shed

best cafes in old street coffee shops in old street cafes old street best coffee shops shoreditch bike shed coffee cafe shoreditch
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Like Look Mum No Hands, The Shed (also called the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club) is one of the themed coffee shops in Old Street. It’s not exactly meant to be just a cafe, to be fair. I’m talking about a success story that follows up a popular blog held by a sports bike rider. From biking events to the creation of a complete motorcycle-loving community, Anthony Dutch Van Someren has gone a long way since 2011.

The best coffee in Shoreditch? Probably, but not only. In addition to a bike shop and a cafe, The Shed also hosts art galleries, shops, an event space, and a barbershop. It’s like all kinds of arts are blended in this unique name among Old Street coffee shops, and that’s really the type of venue I love to come across in London. 

That’s not all. Since the success of the cafe in Old Street London, The Shed has also opened a second coffee shop and bike shop in Los Angeles. In both, they offer some really delicious breakfast, brunch, coffee, and quite a few vegan options as well.

Best Coffee Shops Old Street: Clean Hearts Cafe

Clean Hearts Cafe is a cafe in Old Street that focuses on all things organic. The coffee there is delicious, blended with milk from brands like Rude Health and Kind. Not only is the coffee some of the best you’ll ever find in an Old Street cafe, but the food menu is extensive and delicious. Most importantly, it emphasizes and accompanies the vegetarian and vegan population in London – something I always appreciate very much, being a person that tries to keep her animal products consumption on the low.

So, if you love specialty coffee in London like matcha latte, beetroot pink latte, turmeric latte, or chai latte, Clean Hearts Cafe is a one-stop-shop you’ll want to visit. You can also order some really delicious vegan smoothies, milkshakes, sourdough toasts, sandwiches, and much more. The list of delicious food at Clean Hearts Cafe is way too long for me to be able to tell you all about the great bits they have going on fresh daily. Simply one of the best cafes in Old Street at any time of the day, and that’s a fact.

The Coffee Tree: Best Cafes in Old Street

The first time I visited The Coffee Tree was the Camden branch on Camden High Street. I didn’t know they had other coffee shops in Old Street and Shaftesbury Avenue! That might be there the best coffee in Shoreditch, with a vibe that never disappoints. An atmosphere that’s not only young but infuses in you a productive breath, making The Coffee Tree one of the best cafes to study in London – no doubt about that.

Plus, what’s super interesting about The Coffee Tree cafe is the way they make coffee. As the team themselves put it, inside each cup of espresso or specialty coffee is blended the traditional style of Italian coffee (which you can find in some of the best Italian cafes in London as well) and Australian coffee making. That gives some really delicious coffee, unlike any you’ll ever try in London.

I really love finding the best coffee roasters in London – that’s why I’ve mentioned Ozone Coffee Roasters above, innit. The Coffee Tree serves some of the best coffee in Old Street, and if you’re hungry while you’re working, you’ll want to try their snacks. Salads, sandwiches, bagels, pastries… There’s everything you might need in this cafe in Old Street. Okay, that’s definitely not going to be the cheapest breakfast you’ll ever have in London. But it’s definitely some of the very best coffee in Old Street, and you should defo try it at least once if you want to live the London coffee scene like a local.

The Coffee Junction

best cafes in old street coffee shops in old street cafes old street best coffee shops shoreditch the coffee junction shoreditch
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Ah, The Coffee Junction definitely is one café near Old Street station worth a visit. First of all, you know how important decor and feeling great energy at coffee shops in London is for me. That’s where The Coffee Junction marks the first good point. That’s really one place that you’ll love if you enjoy a young, freelance, and student vibe – which is definitely what I’m looking for when I’m looking up cafés near me.

Sometimes, it can be a bit of a toughie to find not only great coffee near Old Street station but also a spot where WiFi is reliable. Plus, even though as freelancers and students, we tend to invade quite any cafe in London to work, some coffee shops and Old Street restaurants really aren’t really laptop-friendly.

We’re on a different vibe with The Coffee Junction, where tables are big and WiFi is free and fast. What I mostly appreciate is the surroundings, with The Coffee Junction being a true London-tainted coffee shop in Shoreditch.

10 Best Cafes in Old Street London To Work, Chill, or Study

And here we have them, the best cafes in Old Street, perfect whether you are looking for a coffee shop to work in London, study, or just chill while having breakfast in one of the coolest areas of London. Old Street is always cool to visit as it’s one of the oldest streets in London. There are many other famous streets that steal the show, like the usual shopping streets such as Oxford Street, Regent Street, and areas like Covent Garden and its super instagrammable coffee shops

But when you’ve got the chance to get the best coffee in Shoreditch and really just enjoy life like a local, by all means, just do it. Clean Hearts Cafe, Ozone Coffee Roasters, and Old Street Cafe are all coffee shops in Old Street that seemed to have been built for Londoners’ everyday life and travelers looking to experience London like us people who’ve been living here for a while. 

If you’d like to discover some other really cool cafes in London, I’d definitely recommend taking a look at the following guides I’ve put together for you:

Until next time!

PS. Did you know you can find exotic plants in London rooftops?