13 Seriously Best Cafes in London Bridge

A while back, I’ve written about the best cafes in London Bridge for breakfast and brunch, and I’ve even reviewed a cool cafe slash restaurant in Hay’s Galleria, Café Piazza. But today, I want to tell you all about the best cafes in London Bridge for artisan coffee. I mean, a strong and hardcore cup of good roasted coffee as they know how to make it in London. I’m always in the mood for a great latte (and even a good old pink latte in London, because I love my specialty coffee more than anything!) or espresso to start the day. After all, if I’ve got an Italian coffee machine tattooed, there’s a reasoning behind that, right?

Finding the best cafes in London Bridge is not easy when you’re new to the city, to be fair. Coffee shops in London are known for their versatile options, and with so many to choose from, it can be hard to know where to get the best coffee. Especially when the vibe is so Londony. I write a lot about the best cafes to work in London, so if you’re a student or freelancer, you might want to check out the guide I’ve already put together for you guys.

But if you’re just looking for the best coffee in London Bridge with no particular will to work, keep reading to discover the 13 best cafes in London Bridge I love. From trendy joints with hipster vibes to old-school British cafes, there’s something for everyone here.

13 Awesome Cafes in London Bridge To Get The Best Coffee

best cafes in london bridge coffee shops london bridge crol and co
Photo: Crol & Co

You know that whether we’re talking about the best cafes in London Bridge or amazing cafes to work in Shoreditch, I’m onto coffee at every hour of the day. Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee to start the day, and that’s a fact. London Bridge cafes are quite popular for all the good reasons.

You can literally spend your whole day choosing from extensive beverage lists in the best cafes in London Bridge and just have a good time doing that, but I know you’re not there for that. You want to check for the best coffee shops in London Bridge to satisfy your coffee cravings, right?

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Now, if you’re looking for a great cup of joe in London Bridge, keep reading to find the best cafes in London Bridge right now. Read on, help yourself, and get a steaming cup of your favorite drink (or two, if you’re like me!).

Cafes London Bridge: WatchHouse Bermondsey

The first on my list is WatchHouse Bermondsey, a cozy cafe near London Bridge Station and one of the best cafes in Bermondsey. Here you can get the best coffee in Bermondsey, with hot drinks like cappuccinos, espressos, and lattes available. You’ll also find all kinds of other impressive beverages here too, including cocktails, milkshakes, juices, and even teas.

For food options, there are salads and sandwiches galore, along with various cakes that will satisfy any sweet tooth. It’s no secret I love finding delicious pastries, as you might have noticed when I wrote about the best cafes in Camden and the best bakeries in London some time ago.

WatchHouse Bermondsey is definitely not one of the best cafes to work in London Bridge if you’re onto such, but it is a cute little coffee shop and the coffee there really is otherworldly. If you’re looking for a trendy cafe with a cool vibe to get your coffee fixed, WatchHouse Bermondsey is it.

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The modern industrial-style décor gives this café an edgy and glamorous feel that makes you want to sit at the bar all day sipping latte after cappuccino. There’s also a great selection of sandwiches and pastries on offer to go along with your drink.

HOT TIP: While you’re in this cafe, get the best chicken caesar salad sandwich of your life (you know I love chicken if you’ve read about the best halal fried chicken in London). Trust!

Best Cafes in London Bridge: Crol & Co

best cafes in london bridge coffee shops crol and co
Photo: Crol & Co

If you’re a fan of mid-century modern décor, then Crol & Co. is the place for you. One of the most novelty-themed cafes in London Bridge, you’ll find rustic wooden tables and chairs, as well as bright yellow stools. This café is located within Borough Market (one of the best markets in London for food!), so not only will you enjoy an awesome coffee here, but it’s also just a short walk from some incredible food stalls! If you want to try out this café with a great atmosphere, make sure to go when Borough Market is open!

Crol & Co.’s drink menu offers all kinds of espresso drinks including cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites. And for those caffeine junkies out there who need their morning hit, there are also options like piccolos (espresso with steamed milk poured on top), black coffees, and americanos. Overall, the quality is great and echoes coffee as you’d find it in the best Italian coffee shops in London, for instance.

For food, Crol & Co. offers all kinds of sweet treats like cakes, brownies, and cookies. They do some great sandwiches too if you’re looking to fill up but don’t want to break the bank. If you still have room for more after that, try one of their waffles with fresh fruit or Nutella!

HOT TIP: Try one of their avocado toast options or just go wild and get a bowl full of chocolate cake to share with a friend!

Best Cafes in London Bridge: Monmouth Coffee London Bridge

I’ve already written quite extensively about Monmouth Coffee Company on The London Local. First of all, it’s one of the best cafes in Old Street, one of the very best cafes in Covent Garden, and they also have an amazing coffee shop near Camden too.

If you’re looking for a classy and traditional café with great service to get your coffee fix, look no further than Monmouth Coffee Company. This place has been around for over 30 years and established itself as one of the most historic London Bridge cafes, so they definitely know what they’re doing! Here you can enjoy cup after cup of their meticulously brewed coffee served in porcelain cups.

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As far as drinks go, this café offers all kinds of hot drinks including cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites – yum! They also do some great teas here too if that’s more your thing. And if you just want a cold drink on a hot day, there are lots of different choices available at the counter too like juice, lemonade, or water.

For food, Monmouth Coffee Company offers tasty bites like brie and grape sandwiches. The cakes here are amazing too, ranging from lemon drizzle cake to chunky cookies (you might have already understood about my passion for treats when I wrote about the best vegan cookies in London). If you’re looking for a place with great service, impressive décor, and delicious hot drinks, then head over to Monmouth Coffee Company.

HOT TIP: Give their rosemary focaccia bread a try! It’s heaven on earth for vegetarians!

Best Cafes in London Bridge: Change Please

best cafes in london bridge coffee shops london bridge change please borough market
Photo: Canary Wharf

If you’re looking for a quirky little café that’s also super affordable then look no further than Change Please. In this London Bridge cafe, you can order your coffee and food at the counter to ensure speedy service (and save you money too!) As soon as you walk in, you’re immediately hit with all kinds of delicious smells like freshly baked cakes and toast.

The seating situation is very different here too; some tables are laid out with stools while others have chairs instead. You’ll also find booths along the walls if you want more privacy while enjoying your snack!

As far as drinks go, this place offers all kinds of espresso-based hot drinks like cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites. They also have yummy options for those who just need a little pick-me-up like piccolos, black coffees, or americanos. For food, they offer all kinds of tasty treats from sandwiches to salads and cakes. They have lots of vegetarian options as well so it’s great for those with dietary restrictions too!

HOT TIP: If you want something sweet but feel like skipping the cake, head over here for a chunky cookie – I recommend peanut butter or snickerdoodle!

Best Cafes in London Bridge: London Grind

best cafes in london bridge coffee shops london bridge london bridge london grind
Photo: Devour Tours

London Grind is one of the cafes in Bermondsey to go to if you love your coffee after it’s been sitting for a while. Why? Because that’s the specialty here! This café does cold drip coffee, which takes hours to make but is totally worth it once you get to taste the smooth, delicious result of their hard work. Grind is one of the very best cafes in London, and they have an amazing coffee shop in Shoreditch where you can work or study, should you decide to do so.

As far as drinks go, this place offers hot options like cappuccinos and lattes along with good ol’ americanos. They also do some tea-based drinks if that’s more your thing. For food, they have all kinds of sandwiches plus cakes and pastries so no matter what you’re craving, there will be something here for you! For those looking for a cool place where everyone seems to know each other, London Grind is definitely the place to be.

HOT TIP: If you’re in need of a caffeine boost and aren’t sure what to order, I highly recommend their cold drip coffee! It doesn’t sound all that appealing but it’s really worth trying out.

Three Wheels Coffee

Three Wheels Coffee is one of the cool cafes in London if you’re vegan and want to try something new. Not only do they offer delicious drinks like flat white and americano, but their food menu is plant-based too! Here, you can find 100% vegan dishes like blueberry waffles with coconut bacon. Love me a great vegan breakfast in London, and with just a viennoiserie and a coffee, I can be the happiest girl in the world.

Dig in if you want a hearty breakfast with plenty of carbs because this place specializes in porridge – steel-cut oatmeal to be exact! If you feel like getting down on some soup or cake instead, then this café also has options for that as well (like pumpkin pie or lemon meringue). The coffee started out under the Retail Arcade, next to The Shard, where I used to work. As such, I was very often there in the morning – the perfect spot for breakfast before finding the best things to do in London Bridge.

As far as décor goes, there’s definitely something cozy about the inside here; it almost feels like home! Unlike most cafés, this one doesn’t offer free Wifi but they do have board games you can play if you feel like staying a while. For those who love their coffee, this place serves up some of the best lattes and Americanos in town!

HOT TIP: Their croissants are seriously to die for! Don’t believe me? Just give it a whiff and I’m sure it’ll change your mind.

Best Cafes in London Bridge: Chapter 72

If you’re looking for a café that offers something different, then look no further than Chapter 72. This London Bridge cafe specializes in herbal tea (hence the name) so it’s perfect for all your friends who claim to hate coffee!

When it comes to drinks, this café serves herbal tea by the pot or bottle which makes it great for sharing with someone special. If you’d rather have an espresso-based drink, they also offer traditional things like lattes and cappuccinos just in case anyone in your party isn’t feeling the herbals. Just for that huge number of drink options, that’s just one of the best cafes in London Bridge, and there’s no way around it.

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For food, Chapter 72 has options like sandwiches and cheesecake that are made without dairy products just to be extra healthy! If that doesn’t sound good enough for you, grab some smoothies from here which come in all colors and flavors. As far as a place for a catch-up goes, Chapter 72 is definitely the spot to be!

HOT TIP: This café has free Wifi so feel free to bring your laptop along if you’re looking for cafes to work in London Bridge, and planning on working or studying while sipping your tea!

Best Cafes in London Bridge: Lantana Cafe

best cafes in london bridge coffee shops london bridge lantana cafe bermondsey southwark
Photo: London SE1

Lantana Cafe is the London Bridge cafe to spend a lazy day with friends before, I don’t know, checking out colorful houses in Notting Hill or going shopping. This café specializes in all kinds of Australian food items and tea (like earl grey and English breakfast) so it’s perfect for those looking for an alternative to coffee.

If you feel like letting loose, they also offer beer and cider! That definitely makes this place worth checking out if you’re wanting some liquid courage before dancing on one of their many tables like a wild child. One of the best cafes in London Bridge all-around based on how extensive the menu is, whether we’re talking about drinks or food.

As for food, this café has lots of healthy but tasty stuff on the menu. I recommend grabbing a salad or sandwich if you feel like eating something fresh with your tea. The design for this place is definitely rustic so if you’re looking to get in touch with nature while still being stylish, then Lantana Cafe is where you should be!

HOT TIP: This café serves up some seriously good eggs benny (eggs benedict) which makes it perfect if you’re wanting to start your day off right!

Roasting Plant Coffee on Borough High Street

best cafes in london bridge coffee shops london bridge roasting plant cafe borough
Photo: Catersales

Roasting Plant Coffee on Borough High Street specializes in coffee beans that are roasted on-site; I’m talking about small batches of the stuff which makes it perfect for those who like their java fresh and tasty! Not the cheapest for sure, but defo one of the best cafes in London Bridge.

If you’re looking for a café to get your caffeine fix, then Roasting Plant Coffee on Borough High Street is definitely one of the cafes in Bermondsey for that! They have every kind of drink from espresso-based to tea so everyone can find something they’ll enjoy here.

As far as food goes, this place has bagels and granola which make it great for brunch or a late morning snack. If you’d rather not eat anything, just grab yourself a drink and go sit outside because this café has some amazing street views you won’t want to miss out on!

HOT TIP: If you’re not a fan of coffee or tea, then this café has some seriously good hot chocolate that’ll keep you warm throughout the winter months!

Best Cafes in London Bridge: Colombian Coffee Company

If you’re looking for a café that serves coffee in addition to being trendy, then the Colombian Coffee Company is definitely the place you should check out. This spot serves three different kinds of coffee which are all made from Brazilian beans!

As far as drinks go, this café has everything from espresso-based choices like lattes and cappuccinos to tea options like earl grey tea. Of course, if you don’t want anything too fancy, they also have hot chocolate available! And… that might be some of the best hot chocolate in London, to be fair.

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When it comes to food, the Colombian Coffee Company offers light meals like bagels with cream cheese along with more filling options like waffles or pancakes. Although you can’t really go wrong with either choice when in London right? Ha! Just kidding, but I do recommend checking this place out if you’re looking for a tasty meal as well as a great cup of coffee!

HOT TIP: This café is open from 8:30-4 PM almost every day (except on Sundays) which means it’s the perfect spot to stop by whenever you want some caffeine or a light snack before paying a visit to some famous landmarks in London!

The Gentlemen Baristas Park Street

If there’s one thing you need to know about The Gentlemen Baristas, it’s that they have the best flat white coffee in London! Like honestly, if you’re a fan of cappuccinos but feel like an espresso-based drink is more your style, then this is definitely where you should go. Especially if you’re used to drinking coffee from Italian cafes in London, for instance – you’ll really appreciate The Gentlemen Baristas. They have other branches in London too, but the one in London Bridge really is, let’s say it, plain cool.

As far as food goes, this café is a great spot for breakfast in London Bridge because they offer a simple menu with options like avocado on toast and waffles. If you want something a little heartier, then I recommend getting one of their delicious sandwiches which are made from sourdough bread baked fresh in-house daily!

HOT TIP: This café serves up some seriously good coffee that’s perfect if you’re looking to grab a quick cup but also have enough time to sit down and relax.

Best Cafes in London Bridge: F*ckoffee

Not gonna lie, F*ckoffee’s name might be a little blunt but that doesn’t mean it can’t still serve up some seriously good coffee! This place serves award-winning specialty coffee so if you think you know what the best cup of Joe tastes like, then this is definitely where you should go. Back when I used to live in East London, I’d visit their cafes in Bethnal Green pretty often since there are two on Bethnal Green Road.

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As far as food goes, this café has everything from bagels to croissants so no matter how hungry or hungry you are, there’s something here for everyone. The vibe at F*ckoffee is always super fun, really youthful, and easygoing. If you’re looking for cafes to work in London Bridge, this one on Bermondsey Street is a great choice.

HOT TIP: If you’re looking for a quick coffee while out and about in the city before visiting, say, the most beautiful bridges in London, then this is definitely the perfect spot.

Best Cafes in London Bridge: Hej Coffee

best cafes in london bridge coffee shops london bridge hej coffee bermondsey
Photo: Hej Coffee

Hej Coffee is a tiny Scandinavian coffee shop located at Bermondsey Square. They serve delicious bread which you can have with butter or cheese and since it’s small in size but big on taste, I would definitely recommend checking this place out!

As far as drinks go, Hej Coffee serves a number of different types of coffee including both regular and decaf options. If you’re not into coffee though then they also offer a variety of tea choices for when that caffeine craving hits! Or if you want something to eat there are sandwiches available too!

You can find Hej Coffee from 8 AM to 6 PM every day which means it’ll be open when you get off work so why not stop by and grab a drink with your coworkers? By the way, not too far, you have some of the best pizza in London at Franco Manca on Bermondsey Street, so you know – you have a choice for lunch.

HOT TIP: When it comes to drinks, they offer small cups of coffee for £1 which is literally the best deal I have ever seen in London.

13 Best Cafes in London Bridge For Coffee

So there you have them, the best cafes in London Bridge for some great artisan coffee. I’ve written some time ago about the best cafes in London Bridge should you wish to sit and have a proper breakfast or brunch. But for this guide, coffee really needed to be here.

A lot of these cafes will forever be on my list of go-to places because not only can you get some great coffee from each one but they’re also open most days of the week, if not all week. Since I’m a freelancer always on the lookout for the best cafes to work in London, you know, I just want places open as long as possible. Otherwise, I’ll just look for other aesthetic places to work in London like the British Library, or Islington Central Library (two of my absolute faves).

Now, if you’d like to know more about places with the best artisan coffee in London, here’s what I can recommend:

Until next time!

PS. Did you know there are lots of amazing Japanese shops in London? Why not visit after coffee if you’re a Japanese culture lover?