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19 BRILLIANT Cafes To Work in London For Students & Freelancers

I’m always on the lookout for the best cafes to work in London. Not only am I uber-excited when I find a coffee shop where the coffee tastes amazing, but I love going out to work. I have been a freelance writer for years now, and working at a coffee house in London was always a dream of mine, even long after it became reality. Is it not amazing to sit down in the cutest coffee shops to work in London with nothing but your PC and your notebooks, and just cram all day long?

I don’t know about you, but there’s something about that I absolutely love. I know lots of you are in this situation where you’re trying to find the best study spaces in London, like the best coffee shops in Shoreditch to work if you’re in East London. Or, for Central London, the best cafes to study in Soho or Covent Garden.

The Best Cafes to Work in London: What To Expect

I love going to Central London to find a quiet space to work and study. As a student or a freelancer, life is something hard and you have to learn how to go by on a budget. Hence the creation of this website. It’s not enough, though, to read the best books for female entrepreneurs. You need a good spot to make it happen.

But for now, I want to talk only about the best coffee shops in London. I want to help you find London’s best coffee at an affordable price, and I want you to be able to sit down and work there when you need to. I’m not only going to talk about new coffee shops in London, but rather just the coolest places I have found so far.

Best believe I will find other cafes, and I will make other lists, like the best Italian cafes in London – but this one here I’ve thought for freelancers like me and students. So we’d have some cool places to work at. By the way, you might want to take a good at this guide I’ve written about the most aesthetic places in London to study and work (quiet public places, guys!), which might help out in your research.

And, if you’re rather looking for the chain cafes to work in Central London like Starbucks and Caffè Nero, I’ve put together a guide for you too.

18 Best Cafes To Work in London For Students & Freelancers

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A coffee shop is such a great place to grab a cup and work towards your goals. London coffee shops, especially, have a special aura of progress and success. I have lived in three different cities; Paris, London, and Rome. Now that I live half of the year in London and half of the year in Rome, I have to admit I miss having amazing places to work when I’m in Rome. 

London cafes just have this thing, this tinge of excellence that makes you want to work and study as hard as you can. I also have to admit that when I could not go to coffee houses in the midst of the pandemic, I would still listen to coffee shop sounds on YouTube. No joke. It helped me so much with keeping up with my writing. And I actually still do it when I don’t feel like traveling to Central to find new cafes to work in London. But most of the time, I’ll just visit one of the chain cafes I’ve grown very fond of because there are always power outlets there to plug in our laptops and cell phones.

I know most of you will be looking for the best cafes to work in London and study quietly. That’s why I’ll be focusing mostly on these coffee shops. However, don’t you worry, I’ve included cool cafes in North London and East London – a bit all around town, actually.

And so we embark on the quest for the best coffee shops in London – Central London, East, and West London cafes like Fitzrovia, Mayfair, Soho… Brace yourself, get your computer and your bag, and off we go! Pssst. By the way, if you’re not feeling coffee shop-y, I’ve written a full guide for you to the best libraries in London to study for free. Only the best public libraries in London, word.

Starbucks Charing Cross Road and Tottenham Court Road

best cafes to work in london best cafes to study in london free wifi outlets starbucks charing cross road new oxford st
Photo: TripAdvisor

I know we’re trying to stray from Starbucks and Caffe Nero to study and work. However, I could not decently start this list of the best cafes to study in London without including Starbucks on Charing Cross Road. I would be lying if I said I only spent a few hours in this London coffee shop.

At some point in my life, I was studying to become a personal trainer. A course I never completed once I realized I wanted to make my writing career full-time). Well, I was always looking for the best cafes to study in London. I had no problem traveling from Mile End to Tottenham Court Road, and down to my beloved Starbucks.

Oh, how many pounds did I give the Starbucks franchise at that time! The Charing Cross Road branch might not be the biggest, but for sure, it is one of the best cafes for working and studying in Central London. Say whatever you want, but you’ll never make me change my mind.

There are lots of cool coffee shops in London, but with this one, I have great studying memories. The atmosphere is laid back there. With my usual pumpkin spice latte, I would spend endless hours cramming my anatomy and physiology lessons. 

What’s cool about Starbucks is that even if they don’t openly advertise you can work there, well, you can. There are plenty of sockets where you can plug in your computer in their coffee shops in London. That makes for very laptop-friendly places to study, work, and chill if you’re visiting London and just need to charge your phone for a bit.

If you need a bigger Starbucks, I would also recommend the one down Tottenham Court Road. Located on New Oxford Street, it’s a place I would also spend hours and hours in. That’s more of a chill vibe, and I’d still go with the Charing Cross Road coffee shop anytime. 

Caya: Best Cafes To Work and Study in London

best cafes to work in london best cafes to study in london free wifi power outlet caya brixton
Photo: Desana

Second, on my list of the best cafes to study would be Caya. This is the most underrated coffee shop in London if you ask me. Indeed, it provides the coolest coworking background you need to score a full workday. It’s been designed for us freelancers and students who are looking for the best coffee shops in Brixton to write. Or cram their exams, or just be overall productive. It costs £8 for a half-day and £14 for a full day. And you won’t even have to go out once to grab yet another coffee to keep yourself sitting up and ready to tackle it all.

There’s everything you could wish for at Caya, from free coffee and tea refills to free Wifi and functional power outlets. It’s cozy, too, made to make you feel at home away from home. If like me, all you’ve been wishing for so far are coffee shops in London with free wifi and a nice background to actually move forward with life, you’re going to find yourself well-catered-to at Caya Brixton. 

If you get hungry during the day – which I know happens to me as soon as I try to nudge my brains, you can also grab a bite at Caya. Vegan and non-vegan sandwiches and pastries are available to fuel you up during the day. 

Pearl Lemon Cafe

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If you’re looking to grab a delicious coffee, tasty breakfast or brunch, or a quiet and comfortable spot to do some remote working (with free Wi-Fi), Pearl Lemon Cafe on the Fulham Broadway is just the place.

This place is perfect for grabbing an expertly crafted speciality coffee as well as a wide selection of teas and other drinks, from masala chai and boba bubble tea to refreshing sodas and healthy juice blends.

If you’re feeling a bit peckish, then there is a wide range of both sweet and savoury bakery treats to choose from as well as great vegan menu thanks to the Pearl Lemon Cafes partnership with Plant Sumo, another Fulham based biz specialising in vegan catering with dishes influenced by all types of global cuisine.

Pearl Lemon Cafe

Location: 250 North End Rd, SW6 1NJ View on Google Maps
Nearest Station: West Brompton

Foyles: Cafes To Study in Central London

If you’re looking for cafes to study in London, I don’t know how I could leave out Foyles bookstores! Some of the Foyles stores feature some of the best coffee shops for studying in London. They offer delicious drinks and foods fresh all day long.

When I used to live in Mile End, I’d want to go out all the time to find places to work near me. Yet, I mostly found the best places to be in Central London. Or maybe that was because I wanted so much to be near Soho and Tottenham Court Road. After all, they’re two areas I absolutely love in London. 

I could legit have included that Foyles Café in my guide to the best public libraries to work in London, but since it remains a cafe, well.

I don’t know of any other cool coffee shops in London that are so large and freelancer friendly as the Foyles shops’ are. If you’re looking for the best places to write in London, what could be cooler than sitting down at a Foyles cafe?

That’s not a place where you’ll feel comfortable remaining all day long. I mean, freelancers and students are not exactly the main target of the Foyles brand. However, for a few hours, it makes for one of the best coffee shops for studying in London. 

EZ & Moss: Cafes To Work in London

best cafes to work in london best cafes to study in london free wifi ez moss
Photo: EZ & Moss

EZ & Moss on Holloway Road is nothing short of the best coffee shop to work in London. It’s located just a few minutes walk away from the Holloway Road station, an area I particularly love in London. When I used to live in Seven Sisters, I would be working non-stop. I was always looking for the best cafes in London to work. I write a lot – often more than is healthy for me, and for some reason, I felt at home in Holloway Road.

As such, I need quiet places to work in London, but I cannot seem to be able to stay inside to write. I need to go out, walk for a while, grab a cup of coffee before I start working. I used to go to the Islington Central Library a lot, which I mentioned in my guide to the most aesthetic places to work and study in London

If you’d rather get your cup of coffee in an actual London cafe, Ez & Moss is the place to go. Not only is it quiet and charged with goal-getters, the coffee there is actually good. If you’re a vegetarian or a vegan, you’ll find plenty of snacks and dishes to keep you fueled up during the day.

The North London coffee shop is located super close to the London Metropolitan University, and you’ll find lots of students and freelancers sitting at the tables. EZ & Moss offers free Wifi, but also quite a few power outlets strategically placed around the cafe. Easy for you to plug in both your phone and your PC!

Artisan Coffee School: Cafes to Work London

best cafes to work in london best cafes to study in london free wifi artisan coffee school
Photo: Mondomulia

If you’re looking for London cafes to study or work in Ealing, then the Artisan Coffee School should be on your list. Located on Uxbridge Road, it is what the name reveals: a coffee school. I’m always looking for the best coffee shops in London with large spaces where I can (almost) carelessly spread my notes and notebooks, and the Artisan Coffee School is an admirably huge space in West London for any student or freelancer.

If you’re like me and always on the quest for the best study cafe, this Ealing coffee shop will make you feel comfortable all day long. It has this comfortable vibe of the old-school coffee shop turned modern, with tamed lights and nice wooden decor.

Those of you who, like me, are on the run for places to write in London will feel at home at the Artisan Coffee School. Of course, if you want to take latte art classes, that’s also definitely possible. But don’t forget that’s not what you’re looking for right now.

Spiritland: Cafes To Work in London

best cafes to work in london best cafes to study in london free wifi spiritland
Photo: Archilovers

If you’re looking for a coffee shop in North London closer to the center, then Spiritland in King’s Cross is one of the best cafes to work and study in London. Sometimes, you almost feel embarrassed to bring your PC and homework to coffee shops in London, especially if they’re small, cozy coffee shops. I know I do. 

None of that at Spiritland, a music cafe in London that also provides amazing food. You can get together for business meetings there, and work while listening to the tasty music playing in the background. The coffee shop is huge, allowing you to get plenty done during the day without feeling like you’re overstaying your welcome. If you need proper quiet places to study in London, Spiritland King’s Cross might not be the one for you.

However, if listening to music fuels your creativity, then you’re more than welcome to check out how comfy you’re feeling working at Spiritland. I personally feel this is one of the best coffee shops in Central London, whether we’re talking coffee, quick bites, or working atmosphere. 

Best cafes to work in london: Look Mum No Hands!

best cafes to work in london best cafes to study in london free wifi look mum no hands
Photo: Polvere

There are so many great cafes for studying in London that it would be hard to rank them in terms of which is the best quiet space. I’d still say that Look Mum No Hands in Old Street is one of the best cafes to work and study in London. This is not only a coffee shop in East London but a cool bike shop that also sells other cool bits and bobs.

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Not only is the WiFi great, but there are also huge wooden tables that you can sit at to start working on your goals straight away. If you’re also looking for the best cafes to work in East London, Look Mum No Hands has opened a second location on Mare Street, in a very trendy and young area.

Best Cafes To Work in London: BrewDog Desk Dog Camden

best cafes to work in london best cafes to study in london free wifi brewdog
Photo: BrewDog

Brewdog has got to be one of the most famous places to go out in the city, but if you’re looking for an appropriate place to work, this is the place. Bet you didn’t think so, given that Brewdog is mostly known for its drinks, right? Well, think again.

With their Desk Dog offer, the Brewdog teams welcome students and freelancers all day long in a few of their bars all across the United Kingdom. In London, you can find a chill seat at Canary Wharf, Dalston, Paddington, Brixton, Seven Dials, and even Shoreditch, which is home to the most fun things to do in London. 

All you need to do is pay a £7 fee for the full day you’ll be spending at Desk Dog, and it will give you the right to work in peace. On top of that, you’ll get a free refill on coffee anytime you need it, and Brewdog also provides stationery like pens and paper if needed. Free Wifi and sockets are available as part of the Brewdog Desk Dog initiative, too. Oh, and if you’ve been looking for amazing cafes to work in Soho (and boy, do I know it’s a tricky one), Brewdog Soho is it.

Best Coffee Shops To Study in London: Curators Coffee

curators coffee studio best cafes to work in london best cafes to study in london free wifi
Photo: Facebook

Some of the best coffee shops in London are very central, like Curators Coffee. In this one, you’re able to sit and enjoy a great pastry and London’s best coffee calmly. I’ve chosen it because it’s a great, cozy cafe where to get your shot before you start the day.

Artisan coffee shops and quirky little cafes in London really catch my heart, but they’re usually scattered around Soho. With Curators Coffee, you get the chance to have a little stroll around Leadenhall Market and Liverpool Street before you start cramming for exams or working on your projects. What I absolutely love is the early opening times (7:30 am), and the attention they give to the sourcing of snacks and artisan coffee.

It’s also one of the vegan coffee shops in London – not entirely vegan, but if you can get an amazing vegan brownie or cookie along with your Americano, why should you turn down the opportunity? Either choose to get a coffee and go to one of the free public libraries I’ve told you about some time ago, or sit down on one of the outside benches – it’s up to you.

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Curators Coffee Shop is also one of those cute cafes in London where you can also purchase lots of other products to bring back home. Roasted coffees from national and international sources espressos, Colombia Cauca, Brazil Sao Silvestre,…

Along with these they also sell different coffee products and machines such as espresso makers, coffee machines, filter papers, cups, and mugs – the overall London cafe experience. If you’re ever near Leadenhall Market and search for “the best coffee shop near me”, you’ll find Curators Coffee – or rather, it will find you. And never let you go.

Best Coffee Shops in London: The Shoreditch Grind

London independent coffee shops are the best. Baristas are always super friendly, and you can see that coffee, food, and hospitality are their passion. The places are also home-feeling, meaning you can feel super comfortable working or studying there.

The Shoreditch Grind Cafe is one of the coolest coffee shops in London with a mix of coffee, food, and music. It’s part of a coffee shop chain in London that’s been around for a few years now. There are other Grind coffee shops in London, but the Shoreditch one really is one of the best cafes in the city. Why? Because of the astonishing offer of coffees and food.

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In the beginning, the cafe was only offering coffee and other beverages but after 2015, Grind expanded the business and started its kitchen. They’re now serving breakfast and brunch along with London’s best coffee. The cool thing is that this cafe turns into a bar in the evening.

So you can enjoy the coffee in the morning and cocktails in the evening at the same place. There is an International studio just above the cafe, and you just feel amazing when you’re chilling there. Although we’re not here to chill – you’re looking for the best coffee shops in London to work and study, remember? Yeah. I forget too, at times.

Best Cafes To Work in London: Everbean Cafe

everbean cafe best cafes to work in london best cafes to study in london free wifi
Photo: Twitter

Cozy coffee shops are the best place for me to sit down and write my heart out in London. I love it. I love the feeling of making it happen while drinking a caffe latte in the best coffee shops in Soho, or the cutest, quirky coffee shops London offers.

Everbean is one of the top cafes in Mayfair, one of the poshest areas in London. Often described as an oasis of calm and just a stone’s throw from London’s famous New Bond Street, Everbean on Avery Row is a perfect spot to make it happen. It keeps its regulars of business people, creatives, retailers, and shoppers coming back for their daily cup of London’s best coffee, lovingly made by the friendly team of experienced baristas.

If you need to find a coffee shop in Mayfair, then Everbean might be your coffee soulmate. It’s not just an average coffee shop. It is one of the best coffee shops in London altogether.

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The name Everbean comes from the idea that coffee beans are ever-evolving to become better, so should we as human beings. This place is a great spot for creative people, businessmen, and corporate workers as it gives us a chance to work in harmony while enjoying the cafe’s special coffee and food.

Their specialties include granola, bircher muesli, delicious toast on the breakfast menu and organic soups, freshly made sandwiches on a variety of beautiful bread, quiches, pastries, and daily special salad for lunch. Because of its atmosphere, top service, and the ability for me to sit down and write for hours, it’s one of the best coffee shops in Central London. Period.

Grind: Best London Cafes in Covent Garden

grind covent garden best cafes to work in london best cafes to study in london free wifi
Photo: Grind

Grind is one of the very cute cafes in London where you can work if you’re around Covent Garden. When you need a coffee shop in Central London, Google Maps will often give you Caffe Nero and Starbucks. If you want to avoid those chains, Grind is one of the coolest independent coffee shops you can find.

By now, you already know how attracted I am to quirky coffee houses in London. Especially when they’re all cute and Instagrammable. And Grind is definitely one of the best London independent coffee shops in Central London.

If you’re looking for a place to have a great breakfast in London, that’s also your spot. Usually, I will order an Americano coffee or a flat white and a little sweet treat. Then, I’ll reflect on the past day and the day to come. Then, I’ll plan my whole day in a notebook. And then, work time has quickly arrived and I’ll get to it. Gotta do what you gotta do!

Grind Coffee Shop is definitely one of the very best cafes in Covent Garden, it has an amazing atmosphere and plenty of vegetarian options. If you’re a sucker for oat milk and vegetarian bakes, here you go. You’ll feel at home and well-cared for. Definitely one of the most Instagrammable coffee shops in London, delicious, and a great cafe to study or work in.

Best Cafes in London: The Wren Coffee

the wren coffee best cafes to work in london best cafes to study in london free wifi
Photo: Foodetective

If you’re looking for the best quirky coffee shops in London, well, it seems like you’ve found the one. The Wren is one of the coolest coffee shops in London because… How many other cafes in London can you find built in an old church?

Hidden inside St Nicholas Cole Abbey, The Wren is a quiet, comfortable coffee shop in London where you can work, study, or simply chill. If you need to find a coffee shop near Blackfriars or Saint Paul’s that’s the one. I would even suggest doing a half-day of studying or working there. Then, head over to the Tate Modern museum for a free artistic afternoon.

Far from being a blasphemy to religion, the church also meets every Thursday for a weekly meeting. That’s such a great opportunity to teach people about religion. The coffee shop offers the best artisan coffee in London, alongside some quality snacks as you’ve never eaten. It’s just stunning, with the stained-glass windows, and an air of comfortable tradition while you’re working. Special mention for their brownies – great artisanal pastries in London!

Paper and Cup Shoreditch: Cafes to Work London

If I’ve mentioned Paper and Cup in my list of the best coffee shops in Shoreditch to work and study, there’s a reason. And if I’m mentioning it here once more, it is because this is a super inexpensive coffee shop in London. Established by the Spitalfields Crypt Trust, Paper and Cup is a quite small cafe that would cater better for a few hours’ worth of work. 

I’m always looking for the best London cafes to study near me, and while I was living in Bethnal Green, it was nice to know that Paper and Cup was just a stone’s throw away. There are usually lots of spots available, and if you’d like to also get yourself a nice second-hand book after your workday, you can do so at this coffee shop in Shoreditch.

Free Wifi, great coffee and tea, and amazing food that caters to vegans as well (by the way, you might want to check out the best vegan bakeries in London if you’re as greedy as I am!). All in all, a perfect coffee shop that helps people recovering from ill health and homelessness. That will definitely make you feel good about doing good while working towards excellence.

Best Coffee Shops in London: The Travel Cafe

the travel cafe best cafes to work in london best cafes to study in london free wifi
Photo: TripAdvisor

If you’re looking for an amazing coffee shop in North London, Travel Cafe in Islington near Holloway will fulfill your green desires. Why? Because it’s one of those quirky coffee shops in London. There, you can drink your cuppa, work, or study. Then, you can go back home with one of the many plants they have on sale.

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I know – Holloway is not that close to Central London. But come on, is it really important when you want to work in peace and amp up your work location? I know it’s very important for me to change my work setting almost every day. So when I found the Travel Cafe, I wanted to try their coffee and food straight away.

I was right – that’s one of London’s best coffee shops right there. Their bagels are stunning, and all of their coffee options really just make sense. As in, they really wake you up – perfect to kickstart a productive workday.

Coffee Shops in London: Kaffeine

As far as London coffee shops go, Kaffeine is definitely one of the coolest. Not only is it independently owned by Aussie/Kiwi peeps, but both the drinks and the food are delicious.

That’s something I’ve noticed a while back – the best coffee shops in London are often independent. The atmosphere there is one of freedom and well-being. Whenever you find yourself near Oxford Circus, I highly suggest Kaffeine. In my opinion, it has to be the best coffee shop in Fitzrovia – and in all of Central London, most probably.

When you get there, just get yourself a coffee and a treat – the baked goods definitely show that Kaffeine is one of the best coffee shops in London. And the baristas are all super friendly and welcoming!

East London Coffee Shops: Grounded Coffee Company

grounded coffee best cafes to work in london best cafes to study in london free wifi
Photo: Grounded

Grounded is one of the best coffee shops East London, and one of the most famous ones at that. When I started visiting the cafe back in 2019, I was astonished when I saw how long the line was right outside. I still waited in line, and boy, am I glad I did. This is one of the cutest coffee shops in London, and everything from the food to the coffee is delicious. The best artisan coffee shops in London have nothing on Grounded – once named Grounded Coffee Company.

It’s located close to Aldgate East station, not too far from Brick Lane, and as far as London independent coffee shops go, I think it has a huge personality. It’s woody and cozy, one of the cute cafes in London where you can grab breakfast before you dive into your workload. If you need to find a coffee shop with plugs, that’s one right there.

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I would suggest coming here pretty early, or once the morning rush hour is over. It’s one of the coolest coffee shops in London, with a great offering of coffee, tea, and organic products that you can buy and take home. If you were looking for the best coffee in Shoreditch, I’d still suggest going the extra mile (almost literally). You will be very happy you ditched the Shoreditch street art to plug in your PC at Grounded.

Plus, you can order a halal breakfast from them – the meat is HMC certified. Just the fact I can go with my sister and she would be able to enjoy everything makes Grounded the best coffee house in London. PS. The sourdough bread in the Full English breakfast is to die for.

Coffee Shops Borough Market: Maria’s Market Cafe

Maria’s Market Coffee is one of the London independent coffee shops in Borough Market where you can actually not sit. So why did I include it here? Because if you’re looking for cool cafes in London Bridge when you’re in Central London, it’s still great. That’s why I included it last because it deserves all the hype and attention it can get.

There are quite a few coffee shops near London Bridge. Yet, I really wanted to highlight this independent cafe in London in particular. Why? Because of the effort the team puts into offering the best coffee and food.

This coffee shop in Borough Market is a family-run business. They have been serving customers for over 15 years and have built up a loyal customer base from the local area. If you’re in Southwark, or on the South Bank near London Bridge, you need to go – that’s where you’ll get some of the tastiest coffee in London.

The cafe has a very beautiful and vintage look. They have designed it with an old-fashioned interior design that just reminds you of the 50s. Okay, you cannot sit to work or study in this coffee shop in London, but the food. Boy, the food. Maria’s Market Cafe offers a wide variety of food options. That includes lamb and game meats combined into the best street food in London – delish.

18 Top London Cafes To Work For Students and Freelancers

I love finding new cafes to work in London. Even if I based my whole freelance writing activity on “working from home”, as they call it, I can’t actually stand being home to write. When you find the best independent cafes in London – whether Soho, Shoreditch, Borough Market, or Covent Garden, you just feel fulfilled. You feel like a mission has cleared and you just want to stick to this coffee shop. Until you find the next one and create a new list of the best London independent coffee shops.

In one of those cozy cafes, you’re bound to find London’s best coffee. But more than that, you’ll find enough peace and quiet to work and study productively. I would suggest going there alone, to the coolest coffee shops in London. Enjoy for yourself the beautiful plants, the stunning scenery, and the homey coziness.

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If you already have a favorite coffee house in London, I’d love to discover some new addresses! You know by now how attracted I am to the best independent coffee shops in London (like some really cool cafes in London Bridge). All I want is some power outlets, some cheap Americano coffee. Maybe also, from time to time (every single time), a big piece of gooey cake. Everything the best cafes to work in London should have.

Until next time!