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Harry Potter Themed Things To Do in London – The Ultimate Guide

If you’re a lover of the Harry Potter franchise and are looking to have a wonderfully wizard time on your next trip to London, you’re going to want to check out all of the magical spots in our Ultimate Harry Potter Guide to London

Harry Potter Things To Do In London

I know this is going to be a shock to a lot of people, but…it’s been 25 years since the first Harry Potter book was released…let me give you a second to just collect yourself before I also hit you with the fact that, it’s 21 years since the first film was released.

Yep, those of us who remember the anticipation around the next instalment in the magical series being released in book shops and begging our parents to let us queue up at Waterstones at midnight are officially old – How’s your back? Can you still drink on a school night and be ok for work the next day?

Unsurprisingly the fantastic series of books and subsequent films are still as popular today as they were back then, magic never goes out of fashion!
Whether you want to relive the excitement, you felt when you first got caught up in the lives of Harry, Ron and Hermione or want to share the wonder with your kids, there is a great array of Harry Potter themed things to do in London that are suitable for the whole family.

The Ultimate Guide to Harry Potter Things To Do in London

We’ve put together the ultimate guide to the best things Harry Potter attractions to visit when in London, including seeing where scenes from where the Harry Potter movies were filmed and building your own magic wand, to relaxing with an ice-cold Butterbeer and getting a photo at 9 ¾.

Watch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

8. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child London 2021 22 photo credit Manuel Harlan 886x710 1
Photo: Manuel Harlan

Booking tickets to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a must for any die-hard Potter fan.
This fabulous West end production has been adapted from the original story written by JK Rowling and is the 8th story in the Harry Potter series.
Set 19 years after The Battle Of Hogwarts, we see Harry’s son, Albus, in his first year at Hogwarts and his struggle trying to live up to a family legacy he never wanted. All the while, Harry, now an employee at the Ministry of Magic, is grappling with issues from the past that refuse to go away.

The unique thing about this play is that it’s split into two parts. Part One is performed as an afternoon matinee at 2pm (1pm on Sundays), and Part Two is an evening performance starting at 7pm (6pm on Sundays).
You can book tickets to see just one part of the play at a time or both performances on the same day.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Top Tips

  • Book the best seats – To enjoy the most immersive experience of the play, you should try to get seats in the centre of the Stall or the front of the Dress Circle.
  • Each part of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is around 2.5 hours long, if you are booked to see each part on the same day, you will have approximately 2.5 free in between shows. This gives you a good amount of time to grab a bit to eat. If you are wanting to enjoy a sit-down meal, be sure to make a reservation beforehand.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Palace Theatre

Location: Palace Theatre, 113 Shaftesbury Avenue, W1D 5AY View on Google Maps
Nearest Station: Leicester Square and Tottenham Court Road
Price: Ticket prices start from £15 per part

Take the Warner Bros Studio Tour

warner bro studios harry potter

The Harry Potter Studio Tour is an immersive behind-the-scenes look at how the epic film franchise was filmed. You’ll get to explore some of the most the iconic main sets including the Great Hall, Gringotts, Diagon Alley, and the Forbidden Forest as well as try your hand at flying a broomstick.

Is the Harry Potter Studio Tour actually in London?
Ok, so this one technically isn’t in London, it’s on the outskirts of the city in Watford, but it’s still easy to get to! You can get there by train or book a spot on a coach tour that will take you from Victoria in Central London, directly to the Warner Bros Studios and back again.

How To Get There: You can get a train from London Euston to Watford Junction and then hop on the shuttle bus service to the studios (The shuttle bus costs £2.50 per person each way and takes around 15 minutes), but we’d really recommend looking into booking studio tickets and transport as a bundle.

Not only does it save you a good chunk of money but it also saves you a lot of hassle trying to organise your journey. PLUS, you are more likely to be able to book tickets for your desired date when purchasing as a ticket and travel bundle.

Harry Potter Studio Tour Top Tips

  • You have to book a time slot to start your tour BUT will have access to the studio for the whole day. To make the most of your trip, try to book the earliest slot so you have more time to explore.
  • If you can plan your trip around Halloween or Christmas, you’ll be able to see all the sets decorated for the season making it even more magical!

The Making of Harry Potter – Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Location: Studio Tour Drive, Leavesden, WD25 7LR View on Google Maps
Nearest Station: Watford Junction
Price: Entry ticket prices start from £49.95 per adult, depending on what time of year you go.

Have a Harry Potter Themed Afternoon Tea

Interactive Afternoon Tea for Two at Wands and Wizards Exploratorium

harry potter afternoon tea

Indulge in a magical and interactive afternoon tea at the Wizard Exploratorium in Soho. You’ll be invited to select a magic wand and then lead to an interactive work station where you’ll brew your teas. The magic wand also controls your afternoon tea stand which is filled with a carefully curated selection of delicious sandwiches, desserts and a traditional English scone for each ‘wizard’.

The main Wizards afternoon tea is aimed at adults and older children from ages 12+.
If you are looking to take younger children, you can book in for a Little Wizards Afternoon Tea designed for ages 5-11.
University students can get a 20% discount on specific dates and times.

Arcane Afternoon Tea for Two – Wands and Wizard Exploratorium

Location: 26 Greek Street, London, W1D 5DE View on Google Maps
Nearest Station: Leicester Square
Price: £42 per adult (ages 12+), £32 per child (ages 5-11), £33.60 University Students

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Take a Harry Potter Tour in London

Magical London: Harry Potter Guided Walking Tour (with Boat option)

magical london harry potter walking tour

If you want to see all of the best Harry Potter themed and related spots in London then this interactive walking tour is a great option.
Your expert guide will take you to see the main sites from the films (including The Leaky Cauldron, Diagon Alley and the bridge destroyed by the Death Eaters), test your Wizarding knowledge with fun trivia, and even sort you into your Hogwarts House.

For part of your guided tour, you can choose to take a route via the London Underground or one that takes you down the Thames by boat! If you choose the London Underground option you will need to provide your own Tube tickets.

The tour takes 2.5 hours, and you’ll cover an impressive 3.2km

Magical London: Harry Potter Guided Walking Tour

Location: Southwark View Point, SE1 9DF View on Google Maps
Nearest Station: London Bridge
Price: £15 per person (walking & Tube), £25 per person (walking & Boat)

Harry Potter Exploration Tour & Game

If you’re not a fan of guided tours and would rather explore at your own pace, this is the activity for you – It’s the perfect mix between a self-guided tour, treasure hunt and escape game!
You’ll embark on a quest around London led by an interactive app, visiting key wizarding locations and unlocking clues to your next destination.

You can play alone or with a group of friends (maximum of 4 people on a single phone) and take it at a leisurely pace or race against the clock to secure a ranking on the leaderboard.
The tour takes around 1.5-2 hours to complete, but there is no time limit, and you can start and stop as you please.

The City of Harry Potter Exploration Tour & Game

Location: Westminster Tube Station, SW1A 2LZ View on Google Maps
Nearest Station: Westminster
Price: £6.04 per person

Bus Tours

Harry Potter Movie Locations Bus Sightseeing Tour

platform photo harry potter

London is a big city and covering it on foot can be a bit of a struggle, if you want to take a tour at a more leisurely pace then why not hop on a Bus sightseeing tour! This excursion will take you to multiple filming locations from the Harry Potter film franchise, including the entrance to the Ministry of Magic and the leaky cauldron, as well as spots that inspired JK Rowling in her writing, you’ll also get a chance to get a photo at the iconic platform 9 ¾!

The tour lasts 3.5 hours and has a central pick-up/drop-off point very near St Pancras Station, making it easy to get to.

Guided Harry Potter Movie Locations Bus Sightseeing Tour

Location: St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, Euston Road, NW1 2AR View on Google Maps
Nearest Station: King’s Cross St Pancras
Price: £30 per person

Stay in a Harry Potter Themed Hotel

harry potter hotel room 1

If you’re making a full-on trip of your visit to London and want to stay somewhere extra special, why not book into the magically themed Wizarding Chambers at Georgian House!

Located in Westminster, this award-winning hotel has transformed some of its rooms into chambers fit for any wizard wanting to feel at home. Accessed via a hidden doorway, you’ll step into a room adorned with house colours and sleep in a fourposter bed, it’s hard to beleive that you’re not really in Hogwarts hallowed walls.
Not only do you get the chance to stay in a themed room, you also get the option of adding a ‘Forbidden Feast’.

Georgian House Hotel’s Wizard Chambers

Location: 35-39 St Georges Drive, Westminster Borough, SW1V 4DG View on Google Maps
Nearest Station: Victoria
Price: Check dates using the below button to get accurate prices

Visit the Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition

If you love to know all about the behind-the-scenes goings on of your favourite films, then the Harry Poter Photographic Exhibition is not one to be missed.
You’ll get to view a massive collection of photos taken during the production of all 8 films as well as a chance to experience the green screen technology used in the film to help Harry and his friends whizz through the sky. Your souvenir photo can even be put onto an official Ministry of Magic identification card!

bottled butterbeer bar

You HAVE to try the Butterbeer!

The Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition is the only place in London where you can get bottled Butterbeer. You can drink it there and then from a souvenir tankard or, purchase a bottle or two to take home.
If you only want to go for the Butterbeer bar, you can do so without needing to buy tickets for the exhibition. You can access it through a rear entrance located in the south east corner of Covent Garden Piazza, WC2E 7BB.

Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition at The London Film Museum

Location: London Film Museum, 45 Wellington Street, Covent Garden, WC2E 7BN View on Google Maps
Nearest Station: Covent Garden
Price: £20 Adult, £14 Child (discounts available on family tickets)

Try a Harry Potter Escape Room

school of magic escape room 1

If you’re looking for a perfectly Potter-themed activity to do with a group of friends while in the capital, look no further than this magic-themed escape room.
London Escaped have put together an authentically decorated magic escape room perfect for anyone with a bit of wizarding know-how to try their hand at solving.
You have a time limit of 60 minutes to try and solve all of the puzzles, and there is a game master on hand to give you clues if you get stuck.

School of Magic Escape Room

Location: 101 Settles Street, Commercial Road, E1 1RD View on Google Maps
Nearest Station: Aldgate East or Whitechapel
Price: £40 per person
Discounts: SAVE 63% when booking a game for up to 6 people via Wowcher using the button below!

Make Your Own Magic Wand

Magic WandExperience Harry Potter

Step into the Wandmaker’s workshop and become immersed in a hands on 4D experience as you customise, design, and build your own illuminated magic wand!
First you’ll need to select what type of magic your wad will run on, then you’ll be led up to the Wandmakers workshop in the attic of the Exploratorium where you will be taught how to make your wand. With over 280 possible combinations of magical components your wand really will be unique to you!
Once you’ve constructed your wand you’ll have to learn how to use it – the wandmaster will teach you your first few spells to help get your magical powers flowing.

If you are taking a child to the wand-making experience, they will need to be over 8 years of age (due to small components being used as part of the wand-making experience that may pose a choking hazard to younger children), you can accompany them free of charge as their assistant.

The Wand Making Experience – The Wands & Wizard Exploratorium

Location: 26 Greek Street, London, W1D 5DE View on Google Maps
Nearest Station: Leicester Square
Price: £40 per wand experience (1 maker and 1 assistant if required

Become a Magical Mixologist

The Cauldron Potion Making

What’s better than cocktails with friends? An immersive cocktail experience where you’re dressed as wizards and get to make potions!
Armed with a cloak and a magical wand you’ll learn the basic of spell casting to create your welcome drink before progressing on to the art of potion making. You’ll be seated at an interactive work station where you can brew two different molecular cocktails (there is a selection of options)

This immersive experience lasts 1hr 45mins, and all alcoholic drinks can be swapped for non-alcoholic if required (they are just as delicious!)

Potions Experience – The Wands & Wizard Exploratorium

Location: 26 Greek Street, London, W1D 5DE View on Google Maps
Nearest Station: Leicester Square
Price: £35.99 per adult (ages 18+), £24.99 per child (under 18), £30.99 University Students


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