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6 Best Vegan Cookies in London

A few years back, the prospect of finding vegan cookies in London was like a dream. Today though, more and more vegan bakeries in London are popping up, and that’s a blast. Recently, I’ve read that one-third of British people are accepting of the fact that veganism is not just a fad or a trend. Becoming a vegan and aiming to reduce our impact on the planet by cutting down on dairy, eggs, and other animal-sourced ingredients is something lots of people aspire to. Understandable, then, that I’d be writing about the best vegan cookies in London, right?

The Best Vegan Bakeries in London

Now about vegan bakeries in London. I might not be totally vegan, but with the new year, I’ve decided to cut down on my own consumption of animal-based foods. For my health and the planet, I’m making this gesture, and if it means I can still get healthy vegan cookies in London, by all means, why not?

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From the best vegan cookies in London to decadent donuts and even some of the best vegan restaurants in London, I’ve covered it all for you.

6 Best Vegan Bakeries in London For The Best Vegan Cookies

vegan cookies in london humbledough bakery vegan cookies
Photo: Hot Dinners

A few years back, the thought of going vegan was a difficult decision for dessert lovers. This was especially true for those of us who enjoy cookies. I personally love cookies, but most contain almost only ingredients that qualify as literally non-vegan-friendly. Fortunately, London has morphed into a proper vegan food scene those last few years.

Quite wherever you go in London, you can easily find vegan bakeries with cinnamon rolls, donuts, cookies, and even – even – vegan ice cream parlors. Since we’re here to talk about the best vegan bakeries in London for cookies, here is my list of the best vegan cookies in London to fulfill that sugar-craving stomach of yours.

Best Vegan Cookies in London: Crosstown Doughnuts

vegan cookies in london crosstown doughnuts
Photo: About Time

Crosstown Doughnuts offers some of the best vegan cookies in London. Their cookies and ice cream are not advertised as much as their delicious vegan doughnuts. Still, Crosstown Doughnuts operates as one of the few independent vegan bakeries in London for cookies.

Launched in 2014 as a scratch bakery, Crosstown rolls its dough by hand with its jams, fillings, compotes, and toppings made in-house. The cookies are made using animal-free ingredients, including Satongo dark chocolate and Papouasie milk chocolate. Those are some rich ingredients, with Satongo being molten into a high-grade, rich and dark cocoa body that releases woody and forest fruit flavors. On the other hand, the Papouasie cocoa beans give off a scent and flavor of fruity hazelnuts with a hint of caramel.

Crosstown Doughnuts has two recipes among the best vegan cookies in London: peanut butter & chocolate chip, and ginger hazelnut & dark chocolate. A few years ago, this was a dream for vegan Londoners. Pretty nice flavors to taste in vegan cookies, amirite?

Crosstown Doughnuts Vegan Cookies Address: 4 Broadwick St, London W1F 0DA

London Vegan Cookies: Humbledough Bakery

vegan cookies in london humbledough vegan cookie
Photo: Where From

Humbledough Vegan Cookies Address: Unit 33, Boxpark, 2-10 Bethnal Green Rd. London E1 6GY

Gluten Free Vegan Cookies London: Cookies and Scream

Established in 2010 as a healthy vegan cookies’ bakery, Cookies and Scream have grown to become the source of the best vegan cookies in London. They use the best vegan cookies recipe: gluten free, egg, dairy, and wheat-free. The bakery is located in Holloway Road, North London, where lots happen and you can find really cool charity shops too.

Cookies and Scream London Gluten Free Vegan Cookies: 130 Holloway Rd, London N7 8JE

vegan cookies in london floozie
Photo: Hot Dinners

Floozie Cookie Vegan Cookies London Address: 8-9 James St, London WC2E 8BH

Best Vegan Cookies London: Pearl & Groove

Pearl & Groove Vegan Cookies London Address: 30 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QE

Vegan Cookies London: Copperhouse Chocolate

Copperhouse Chocolate offers a wide selection of healthy vegan cookies. From brown butter chocolate chip cookies to snickerdoodle cookies, the bakery offers the best vegan cookies in London. No deliveries from Copperhouse Chocolate, but you can either dine-in or pop in when you’re having a walk around London.

Like some other vegan bakeries in London, Copperhouse chocolate offers gluten-free products, but you have to contact them directly for any special gluten free request. The bakery is open from Monday to Friday (8:00 AM-4:00 PM) and on select Saturdays. When you visit the bakery, maybe you won’t feel like getting a cookie. Apart from cookies, Copperhouse Chocolate offers vegan and gluten-free Original Cinnamon Rolls and double fudge brownies. And a slice of vegan brownie is always the way to go, in my opinion.

Copperhouse Chocolate London Vegan Cookies Address: 1 Chapel Market, London N1 9EZ

6 Best Bakeries in London With Delish Vegan Cookies

The city of London has some of the best vegan cookies spots in the United Kingdom, no doubt. Vegan bakeries in London for cookies are renowned for their gluten free vegan cookies recipes and, of course, for being some of the most inventive in terms of recipes. Most of the bakeries produce 100% vegan baked goods, freshly handmade products using the finest organic and ethically sourced ingredients.

The list I’ve made above provides some insight into the vegan cookie scene in London, and if you are a vegan looking for animal-product-free products, it will go a long way. Getting vegan cookies in Central London is the ultimate flex, and I know that you’ll love the addresses I’ve shared if you’re a sugar junkie as I am. If you want to get a proper coffee afterwards, may I tempt you to one of the best Italian coffeeshops in London?


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