9 INCREDIBLE Best Halal Indian Restaurants in London

Halal Indian restaurants in London offer the tastiest halal food, with a wide selection of Indian dishes that are bound to change your life. There’s nothing that Indian cuisine doesn’t offer: creaminess, tanginess, and savory combinations of herbs and thick sauces in most dishes. I am personally fond of kebab rolls, small plates of spicy chicken or lamb, and halal options for meat that defies the best Indian barbecue restaurant. Whether you’re looking for the best halal restaurants in King’s Cross, Covent Garden, Canary Wharf, or White City, I’ve got you covered.

So far, I’ve written quite a few guides here to the best halal restaurants in Canary Wharf, Covent Garden, and many other parts of London. I’ve also told you lots about the best halal Chinese food in London, delicious halal dumplings, and even halal cafes where you can treat yourself to decadent brunch and breakfast. Today’s all about the best halal Indian spots – and those are the crème de la crème.

The Best Halal Indian Restaurants in London

There’s something about eating at one of the best halal Indian restaurants in London that you just can’t experience in any other halal restaurant in Central London. What is it? That tinge of tradition, that avant-garde taste, that creativity blended with centuries of cooking skills… There are obviously lots of halal restaurants in London now. Year after year, you can find ever more delicious halal Japanese food, stunning halal Korean BBQ, and to-die-for halal Thai restaurants in London.

But the attraction that halal Indian restaurants have on me is indescribable. And so, that’s why I just couldn’t wait to tell you all about them today. Ready?

9 INCREDIBLE Best Halal Indian Restaurants in London

I’m a sucker for Indian food and there’s something about having halal options that are always enjoyable when you go out for food, in my opinion. My sister eats only halal meat and food, and for her to be able to get a tasty halal lamb for dinner or find beef curries she can eat on the restaurant menu is always very much welcome.

As a reminder, I started the halal series for personal purposes – to allow my sister to choose the best halal restaurants in London when she would visit me from France. I do not only eat halal meat, but I tend to have a vegan diet most of the time.

Since this is so personal to me, I do pay attention to whether the full menu of these halal restaurants is halal or if only select dishes are. In any case, I always do my best to give you the most accurate information but as I always say, do call restaurants before booking as they can change their halal offer without notice.

In some countries other than the UK, it is trickier to combine taste and halal in the cuisine served without having to get a drink or learn there’s actually alcohol in your dish. In London, you’ve got all the best halal Indian restaurants, and to be honest, most are really delicious. Some are even halal Michelin star restaurants, so you already know the level of fine dining food you’re going to be able to enjoy. And that’s a fact.

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Now onto the very best halal Indian restaurants in London!

Best Halal Indian Restaurants in London: Hankies

best halal indian restaurants in london hankies
Photo: TripAdvisor

One of the halal Indian restaurants in London that you can’t miss out on is Hankies, and you can choose between a fine dining experience or a laidback moment. They have two restaurants, one in Marble Arch, and one on Shaftesbury Avenue, so if you’re ever looking for a halal restaurant in Chinatown or Soho, the latter might be right for you. 

In any case, both are located in Central London, aren’t they, and since both Hankies have an all-halal menu except for the duck, you’re going to be able to enjoy lots of amazing Indian food there.

What’s especially interesting about Hankies is that they’ve brought Indian food to an elevated fancy halal fine dining experience – meaning that you can definitely feel how much work went into the creation and innovation of each of their bite-sized tapas. 

This is in my opinion one of the only Indian restaurants in Central London where prices are kept on the low, so if you’ve been on the lookout for affordable halal restaurants in London, Hankies is it. It’s a great mix of Indian street food with a thoughtful balance between spices, meats, and vegetarian options and definitely one of the best halal Indian food spots in the city for an occasion or a chilled evening out.

Best Halal Indian Restaurants in London: Masala Zone

masala zone best cheapest indian restaurants halal central london
Photo: Masala Zone

Masala Zone is one of the halal Indian restaurants in London that truly means business with its cuisine. Their passion to do their best is life-changing and inspiring. The dishes – whether beef, chicken, or lamb all belong in this fabulous decor straight out of a Bombay movie – in London.

If you want true halal Indian food in London, that’s an address to markdown for the pleasure of anyone you’ll bring there. From the intricate filling options served in the heart of the city to London’s best service, that’s a menu that you want to discover and explore from A to Z.

The goal of Masala Zone with its biryanis cuisine and one of London’s most open mindsets? Offer the best food across India in the city. The decor is beautiful, the prices incredible, and the queue is not always that long, during winter or summer.

Indian Halal Restaurants Kings Cross: Dishoom

dishoom kings cross best halal restaurants indian london
Photo: Dishoom

When I say you should drop everything for Dishoom London, that’s a favor I’m doing you. Navigate the beautiful halal options in this Indian restaurant in King’s Cross, and finish with a sweet treat. I guarantee you will feel more satisfied than you’ve ever been when you try their take on Indian cuisine and meats.

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One of my favorite dishes is the butter chicken, and if you need to find an Indian restaurant in London, then you should definitely try it. I first decided to try the Dishoom London food because friends were very open about the deliciousness.

I was right to try – the food at this address is authentic, pure, creamy, and tasty. The restaurant has confirmed the lamb and chicken at Dishoom London are both halal, and there’s even a vegan menu that I am yet to try, that looks absolutely mouthwatering.

Halal Indian Restaurants in London: Benares Mayfair

benares michelin star best indian halal fine dining restaurant london
Photo: Benares

Benares is one very famous Indian halal fine dining restaurant in London. With its 1-Michelin starred cuisine, it rules the heart of Mayfair, one of the poshest areas of the city of London. I have written about Benares quite a few times already – not only is it one of the best halal Indian restaurants in London, but it does color the Mayfair scene with spices and combinations that you won’t encounter anywhere else in London.

Exit traditional Bombay cuisine. Benares is all about using its Indian roots and twisting to curries and beef perfection. Vibrant and inventive, with English flair – that’s the restaurant’s description, and it’s pretty spot on and on par with the Mayfair vibe, a bit posh, a bit open, and complete at all times.

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Executive Chef Sameer Taneja uses only the best fresh, seasonable produce in their cuisine, making the halal restaurant a sustainable company. After events in Mayfair or cheap designer shopping at some of the best charity shops in Chelsea nearby, it could be great to stop by Benares for some avant-garde, surprising Indian-inspired tastes.

Best Halal Indian Restaurants in London: Zaika Kensington

zaika best famous halal indian restaurants in central london
Photo: Zaika

Zaika is one very specific halal Indian restaurant address located in Kensington. If you ever have any cool events nearby, you might want to dive into a full plate of contemporary Indian cuisine at Zaika. The halal options include sauces that run all over perfectly white rice, lamb kebabs melt in the mouth, unleashing millions of flavors out in the open.

The dining rooms at Zaika echo the perfect mix of modern and authentic Indian cuisine and both non-meat and halal options. The high-end halal Indian restaurant overlooks Hyde Park, which means you can dine in peace and luxurious silence while looking at one of the most beautiful parks in London.

If you’d like to read more about the best halal restaurants in Knightsbridge nearby, I’ve written a guide you might like to discover. Kensington, Knightsbridge, Mayfair, and all of West London host some of the fanciest halal restaurants, and they’re worth getting to know for real.

The full menu at Zaika is halal-certified and makes the spot-on address for a perfect romantic halal restaurant for a date. Book beforehand, and do not overlook the desserts there – trust me.

Best Halal Restaurants in London: Fatt Pundit

best halal indian restaurants in london fatt pundit soho
Photo: Fatt Pundit

I feel that for some reason, Fatt Pundit doesn’t get quite all the recognition it should get. After all, it is – in my opinion – one of the best halal restaurants in Central London, and with very affordable prices compared to the quality of the food and atmosphere you can enjoy there, it should be one of the top destinations for anyone looking for the perfect halal Indian restaurant for a romantic date or just a laidback evening.

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One of my favorite dishes to eat there is called Momo, a kind of dumpling filled with either a vegetarian mix or meat and juice. I first discovered momos in Paris, in one of the best street food shops in the whole city, and the homey feeling they’ve got legit makes Fatt Pundit one of the best halal Indian restaurants in London. The brand has various flavors that go from veggie options like spinach, courgette, and tofu to cauliflower-filled momos enhanced with soy and garlic. 

Although not all the meat at Fatt Pundit is halal, you can still enjoy halal beef, chicken, and lamb – so there’s plenty to try and taste there. A laidback environment, the liveliness of Soho, and the colorful beauty of this South Asian specialty are perfect for all types of occasions and to teach kids about different food cultures. And if you’d like to go further down this road, go check out the best halal Malaysian restaurants in London!

Best Halal Indian Restaurants in London: Delhi Brasserie Soho

Delhi Brasserie is one of the most famous halal Indian restaurants in London, and it’s located right in the heart of Soho. That’s the area where you want to be having a coffee (in an Italian cafe like the famous Bar Italia, for instance), a French pastry, or a full-fat English donut. That’s also a very lively area full of parties. During the evening, that’s definitely an address where you want to eat halal food in London, as it will really take your mind away from whatever you’re worrying about these days.

That’s classic, authentic halal Indian food that you’ll eat at Delhi Brasserie. The taste of the meat is something you’ve never even tasted before. Its location? The famous Frith Street. In addition, there’s a beautiful Amorino ice cream shop, and Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club a stone’s throw away.

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There are even several menus for this address located in the very heart of Soho. If you don’t eat any meats, beef, goat, lamb, or chicken, that’s fine. You can definitely enjoy vegan Indian food in Delhi Brasserie, and we all know how crazy good vegetarian and vegan Indian food tastes.

Best Halal Indian Restaurants in London: Chai Ki Canary Wharf

chai ki best london halal indian restaurant the london
Photo: Chai Ki

If you want to take your other half out on your anniversary, note this down: Chai Ki. That’s your new BFF. Chai Ki is a fine dining halal Indian restaurant in London where you will dress up for sure. Plus, you’ll get to feel amazing being served the best halal cuisine in one of the greatest London restaurants.

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We’re not at a Pakistani restaurant, that’s true. We’re also a bit outside of the center, but the halal options here are incredible. Unlike the Covent Garden London restaurants I’ve mentioned earlier, this menu offers chicken, lamb, and many other halal options for lunch and dinner… with a garden rooftop terrace. I know lots of you are always on the lookout for new halal restaurants with a view of London and the Thames, so there you have a perfect one for romantic dinner dates.

I know – we’re coming for the best London halal dishes and incredible Indian cuisine. But if you can get a rooftop with the best halal options in London, why shouldn’t you enjoy it? The service and drinks are also incredible. In the end, you’ll spend a mid-range budget for the evening. Pretty good compared to usual London halal options.

Best Halal Indian Restaurants in London: Farzi Cafe

best indian halal restaurants central london farzi cafe
Photo: DineOut

I’ve mentioned Farzi Cafe quite a few times already, and I think that might be one of the best Indian restaurants if you’re looking for something like halal fine dining in London. Located on Haymarket near Piccadilly Circus, one of the most famous landmarks in London, Farzi Cafe clearly is made for whoever would like to treat themselves to a midweek romantic dinner or celebrate an occasion without splurging too much. 

If you’ve been here before, maybe you’ve come across my guide to the best halal restaurants in Central London, and Farzi Cafe definitely deserves that title. What’s more enjoyable than the friendly yet “fancy halal restaurant” vibe is the quality of the food and ingredient combinations. Expect fresh veggies coupled with Indian notes, from saffron cream to mustard and yogurt glazes, covering deliciously braised halal meats and smartly improved fresh elements.

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For whoever is looking for the perfect halal Indian restaurant for a romantic fine dining experience like the one you could get at famous restaurants with a view of London, Farzi Cafe is it. Colorful dishes and an amazing atmosphere will definitely make your evening as perfect as it can get, especially given the affordable fine dining vibe they’ve got going on.

The Best Halal Indian Restaurants in London

So there you have them, all the best halal Indian restaurants in London. I’ve made sure to pick only places in the city that are easily accessible. For sure, getting to a halal restaurant in Soho or Canary Wharf is easier than traveling all the way to zone 4 or beyond – and I know that most of you, just like me, would prefer halal Indian restaurants in London that can be reached with the tube or bus without hassle.

Whenever I’m visiting a city with my sister, who exclusively eats halal meat, I’m very happy to find that she can actually enjoy picking out a dish rather than having to get fish or seafood. The city is big, and I remember the first time I traveled here with my sister in 2014. At that point, we were into trying out all the best halal Indian restaurants in London, and we’ve found plenty that are really worthwhile.

Yet, there’s much more to try and taste in this beautiful city I now call home. If you’d like to discover more of the best halal restaurants in London, here are some guides I can recommend next:

Until next time!

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