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13 Delicious Halal Italian Restaurants in London – Halal Pizza, Pasta…

There it is, the long-awaited guide to the best halal Italian restaurants in London. I’ve promised it time and again, and finally, you will learn where to get the best halal Italian food in the whole city. I write a lot about halal food here on The London Local, what with being in love with halal fried chicken in London, splendid halal restaurants in Canary Wharf, and salivating when looking at halal Michelin star restaurants‘ menus. To be fair, halal Italian restaurants in London are not the easiest to come by. You’ll have much less difficulty finding a great halal steak house in London or a halal fine dining place than a fully halal Italian restaurant. Oh well. 

Although they’re not easy to come across, I’ve listed in this guide the best spots I could think of, from fully halal pizza in London to amazing halal pasta plates. Some even have traditional Italian dishes, like Arancini, focaccia, and pizza Romana!

13 Delicious Halal Italian Restaurants in London – Halal Pizza, Pasta…

best halal italian restaurants in london
Photo: Country Life

Cheap halal restaurants do exist, and you can find a great selection of halal food in London by checking out our big London Halal Food Directory. You’ll learn where to sit for the best halal breakfast in London, amazing halal brunch, and even amazing spots for halal Korean BBQ. You’re in for a treat, believe me!

So before we start, you might be wondering about the case of the Italian restaurant Pizza Express in London. Although the chain has revealed serving halal chicken in their restaurants, every meat is prepped together, thus cross-contamination is very much possible. Pizza Express also serves plenty of vegan dishes, but the case of cross-contamination is still a possibility. That’s why I will not be mentioning Pizza Express in this guide to the best halal Italian restaurants in London. 

Halal Restaurants in London

It’s always important to me to show you the best halal restaurants in Central London. Who wants to travel an hour and a half on the tube just to get some food? If it’s date night or an occasion, why not. On weekdays, no one wants to do that. That’s why I’ve tried to list halal Italian restaurants in London as close to Central London as possible.

I know that some of you loved The London Local guide to the best halal restaurants in Canary Wharf, and that’s what I’ll start with. Of course, there will be a fully dedicated post to other amazing restaurants for halal sushi in London and even halal Nandos. 

For now, let’s focus. The one best halal Italian restaurant in London would be difficult to pick, so I’ve chosen the best halal Italian food spots. Most of them offer at least a partially halal Italian menu, and some I have included because of their amazing halal pizza, delicious pasta dishes, or because their Italian desserts in London are renowned among the locals. If you’re looking for the best vegan pizza in London, I’ve written a guide to this as well that you might love.

Let’s get on with the best halal Italian restaurants in London, shall we?

Halal Restaurants in Canary Wharf: Bella Cosa

bella cosa isle of dogs best halal italian restaurants in london
Photo: LH Magazine

I don’t know about you, but I’m crazy about Canary Wharf. Always have been, always will be. When I used to live in Mile End, knowing that some of the best halal Italian food near me was just a few Tube stations away was a thrill.

Bella Cosa is one of the best halal Italian restaurants in London whether you’re a beginner or have an already Italian-refined palate. It towers over South Dock, and the nearby Thames provides a perfect setting for a romantic dinner in London, unlike most Italian restaurants in Central London.

The ingredients at Bella Cosa Canary Wharf are high-quality Italian ingredients, which will make you enjoy real taste, of the like you don’t often find in London. Since I’ve started splitting my life between London and Rome, Italy, I’ve noticed that I’ve become pickier when it comes to Italian food. Of course, the Italian community in London is well and dandy, so if you go out for an authentic Neapolitan pizza in London, you’re sure to hit the spot.

As one of the best halal Italian restaurants in London, Bella Cosa provides guests with halal lamb, beef, and chicken. Since other dishes are non-halal, Bella Cosa is not HMC-certified. As always, I’d recommend calling up before booking/going so you can have the halal meat status confirmed firsthand.

Still, if you’ve been looking for the best halal pizza in London, and halal pasta dishes to make your head turn, Bella Cosa is the way to go. Truly one of the best halal restaurants in Canary Wharf, perfect for a romantic dinner after a shopping afternoon at the Canary Wharf Shopping Centre.

Best Halal Italian Restaurants in London: Vapiano London Bridge

Lately, I’ve mentioned Vapiano as one of the best halal Italian restaurants in Piccadilly Circus. I’m aiming at writing guides for every part of London, so if you haven’t yet discovered the best halal restaurants in Leicester Square or Covent Garden, take a look! You might find your next halal gems there.

Vapiano is an Italian restaurant in London with several locations, one of which is Haymarket Piccadilly Circus. Being able to find halal food in Central London is always the top. Especially if you can have meat options rather than just vegetarian or vegan pizza. At Vapiano, you can get halal pizza, pasta, and antipasti where both beef and chicken are confirmed to be halal. And this, whether you go to the Great Portland, Wardour Street, or London Bridge restaurants.

The name Vapiano stems from an Italian proverb that translates to having a chill, laidback life Italian style. It really helps that the pasta is freshly handmade every day. And that you can also grab a bite of some most famous Italian dishes, like Roman pinsa. That’s definitely one of the best halal Italian restaurants in Central London to go solo, with family, or friends. Honestly, it’s no wonder why Vapiano restaurants are present in more than 20 countries. It’s easygoing and, let’s say it, delicious.

Best Halal Italian Restaurants in London: Oval Knightsbridge

the oval the wellesley london marriott knightsbridge best halal italian restaurants in london
Photo: TimeOut

It’s always cool to know about cheap Italian restaurants London has to offer on its halal food scene. However, judging by how many of you have loved my guides about the best halal restaurants in Mayfair and the most delish halal fine dining restaurants in London, Michelin star restaurants and high end halal food is much appreciated. So here we are, with Oval Knightsbridge, probably one of the best halal Italian restaurants in London.

It’s no secret that Italian cuisine lies on the combination of fresh, tasty raw ingredients. High-quality wheat, fresh local tomatoes, whole milk for desserts… Oh, and if you’ve been looking for instagrammable halal restaurants in London, The Oval has got to be on your list of must-try halal food spots. Even though only select dishes are halal, The Oval Knightsbridge menu is worth a try. The atmosphere is elegant and the food, luxurious.

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If you’re a connoisseur of Italian food, grilled octopus, risotto, and wild seabass are not unknown to your tongue. Plus, you can grab a Full English breakfast there – with lots of vegetarian options if what you’d like is not available in a halal version.

Oval at the luxury collection hotel The Wellesley might not rank among the cheap Italian restaurants in London, but it definitely qualifies for the best halal Italian food. Don’t look at the price for this one; just enjoy the ride in one of the highest fine dining restaurants – that’s the dinner of a lifetime.

Halal Italian London: Margot Covent Garden

Margot Covent Garden is one of the halal Italian restaurants in London that are least mentioned – from what I’ve seen. We all know there are many more halal restaurants in East LondonBethnal Green, Shoreditch, Brick Lane, Mile End, Leytonstone… – than in the rest of London. So Margot comes as one of the nicest surprises of the year.

It’s open five days a week, and unfortunately, that’s not a restaurant where you can get the best breakfast in London since Margot Covent Garden serves lunch and dinner only. Seasonal, fresh ingredients blend into the best classic Italian cuisine. That’s also one of the Italian restaurants in London where you need to preorder some halal meats, like the ribeye, fillet, and beef sirloin. 48 hours are enough to preorder – alternatively, the Chicken al mattone dish is always halal at Margot.

But you and I know that there is much more to meat to Italian restaurants. I do live in Rome half of the year, and cheese is used in much larger quantities than meat in most dishes. That’s why I’ve once written about the best pizza in London, if you like Margheritas, and why I’m mentioning Margot here.

Pork and alcohol are both served at this London Italian restaurant, making Margot a non-HMC-certified restaurant. A three-course meal will cost you less than £40, which makes for a rather cheap Italian restaurant in London for a romantic date or a pre-theatre meal. My suggestion? The melanzane alla parmigiana, a famous Italian starter that will make you love aubergines even if you’ve hated them all your life.

Best Halal Italian Restaurants London: Sartoria Mayfair

Sartoria Mayfair is a halal Italian London restaurant located on the famous Savile Row, that you may have spotted in, notably, the Kingsman movies. With plenty of vegetarian options and the possibility to preorder chicken and lamb 5 days in advance, Sartoria is one of the Italian restaurants in London that try to be all-inclusive.

That’s not exactly one of the cheapest Italian restaurants, to be fair. A main dish revolves around £30, with sides priced around £7.50. If you’ve been looking for a dress up restaurant for a birthday or a romantic date, Sartoria is the one.

While the restaurant offers some very fine dishes like marinated salmon with cream cheese and oolong tea, or risotto with taleggio cheese and crunchy radicchio, I can only think of their amazing dessert menu when I think of the Italian restaurant Sartoria. Gianduja cake, lemon pies, panna cotta – I sometimes wish I’d just have dinner with many little desserts rather than an entree, main, and dessert.

Best Halal Italian Restaurants in London: Zonzo Paddington

When it comes to Italian halal food in London, you’ll hear “Zonzo Paddington” quite often. Located on Edgware Road, Zonzo is a West-London Italian name that cooks some of the finest wood-fired pizza along with classic dishes with meat and fish. The team also tries to set Zonzo as an all-inclusive restaurant in London, with halal, vegetarian, and gluten-free options available for their amazing pasta and pizza.

Zonzo Paddington was established in 1992, which makes it almost 20 years on the Italian food scene in London. If you’ve ever wanted to see your pizza dough twirl at the hands of Italian chefs, that’s a place to go. They also have lunch set menus. Those range from £8.95 for one course, to a very affordable £24.95 for three courses. Between pasta, pizza, and even Italian wood-oven burgers and chips, you’re sure to find something great to bite in.

Best Halal Italian Restaurants in London: Adora Pizza Kensington

adora pizza kensington best halal italian restaurants in london
Photo: UberEats

There are many halal restaurants in West London. Yet, from Mayfair to Knightsbridge, most are quite uppy-uppity. Although they serve some of the best halal fine dining in London, sometimes, all you want is to bite into delicious pizza from cheap Italian restaurants in London. Being able to do so at a completely halal Italian restaurant in Kensington, for instance, will take away some of the pain of having almost only expensive and halal Michelin star restaurants around you.

Adora Pizza in Kensington serves only halal Italian food, from pizza to delicious bites that you can usually find in Italy. That goes from traditional arancini (small fried rice balls with Porcini mushrooms or pea, spinach, and ricotta) to focaccia and even creamy burrata. I’d say that’s one of the best halal restaurants in London, considering that all-inclusivity Adora Pizza boasts. 

Whether you’re vegetarian or vegan, you’ll have plenty of choices to snatch from this Italian restaurant’s menu. High Street Kensington has never looked so good, now has it? Traditional, authentic Neapolitan pizza in London, halal, vegan, and even gluten free if need be. Loves it. Oh, and get the Nutella balls for desserts, you’re not going to regret it.

Pizza Pilgrims Westfield White City

pizza pilgrims halal westfield best halal italian restaurants in london
Photo: TripAdvisor

Love Pizza Pilgrims. When I first moved to London in 2019, that’s the first Italian restaurant I treated myself to. At Pizza Pilgrims Westfield in West London, the chain is trialing a halal menu. Unlike other pizza restaurants in London, Pizza Pilgrims takes cross-contamination seriously. 

As such, whether you’re Muslim or vegan (or both), you’re sure that in the kitchen, hand washing and separating products with distinct utensils will actually be carried out. Halal pizzas at Pizza Pilgrims Westfield are cooked in the same oven, however, they’re cooked in a different section of this oven. Halal certified beef pepperoni is used on pizzas, so you can really enjoy a great taste of authentic Neapolitan pizza in London. 

I think that finding the best halal Italian restaurant near me isn’t just about great mozzarella or pizza dough. When I see that a restaurant in London really cares for dietary needs, it makes me that much more inclined to give them my money. And Pizza Pilgrims is definitely one of the best Italian restaurants in London in that matter. 

Their menu might not be entirely halal, but there are lots of vegetarian and vegan dishes there. And even if the chain is just trialing at the moment, the effort towards Muslim and vegan patrons is one to salute. Maybe they’ll even carry it out to Central London and East London at some point, as we’d all love, right?

Best Halal Italian Restaurants in London: Fiore Dell Amore

fiore dell amore brick lane east london best halal italian restaurants in london
Photo: The Fork

For the best halal Italian restaurant in London, you should look at Fiore Dell Amore in Brick Lane, if you’re ever roaming around Bethnal Green or Shoreditch. First of all, a fully halal menu. How’s that for good news, when you’re looking for the best halal Italian restaurants in London? 

Second of all, the chefs at Fiore Dell Amore know their Italian food through and through. It’s not only halal pizza that you’ll find in this restaurant – far from it. East London is lucky to have a halal Italian restaurant that offers a wide range of entrees, pizzas, and even, maybe, the best halal brunch in London. Or breakfast, if that’s what you’re after.

Delicious mozzarella sticks, Beef salami pizza, spicy chicken pizza, crispy squid, Fritto Misto, al dente ravioli, and penne… Fiore Dell Amore is that halal Italian restaurant in London where you’ll taste a great chunk of Italy, with freshness and flavor at its base. No pretending the Brick Lane joint is not great – I’d even say it’s one of the most romantic halal restaurants in London, and that’s a fact.

Good Pizza Stoke Newington

If there’s one area I feel truly passionate about in London, it’s Stoke Newington. There are many little villages in London; Hampstead, Primrose Hill, and lovingly-called-by-locals Stokey. I’ve written about the super cute cafes in Stoke Newington here on The London Local, and best believe they are the cutest thing on Earth. And what’s more, you can get fully halal Italian food in London right in the heart of Stoke Newington, at Good Pizza. 

This cheap Italian restaurant in London now has two branches, one in Stoke Newington, and one in Whitechapel. You won’t find any pork on the menu, and there are some decadent pizza options at Good Pizza. A twelve inch Margherita costs only £4.50, and it’s good. Like, really good. Garlic bread, Capriciosa, and halal Pepperoni pizza all stand proudly on this Italian joint – probably the best halal pizza in London. 

Add to this a traditional Italian way of making pizza, British Mozzarella, and locally sourced ingredients, and you’ve got delicious pizza on the menu. Stone-baked, the Good Pizza pizzas get a crispy base that resembles closely the Roman pizza that I loved so much while living in Rome. If you need vegetarian or vegan pizza, take the Tube to Stoke Newington, and you’re just a stone’s throw away from the best pizza in London.

Halal Italian Restaurants in London: Icco Pizza

icco pizza best halal italian restaurants in london
Photo: Icco Twitter

It would be a euphemism to state that Icco Pizza is one of the best halal Italian restaurants in Central London. Really. This Italian joint has been around for more than 20 years. If you’re looking for a cheap Italian restaurant in London, Icco Pizza is it. When it comes to the best halal Italian restaurant in London, you can always trust the delicious menu. Plus, being able to order whatever you want is a privilege you don’t have in every Italian restaurant. 

So if you’re ever looking for the best halal restaurants in Camden Town, or if you’re around Regent’s Park in Goodge Street Fitzrovia, markdown Icco on your must-visit list. Vegan options are also available on the Icco Pizza menu. That makes the Italian restaurant an all-inclusive place, just as I like them. For those of you looking for real cheap Italian food in London, I don’t think you can honestly beat a Margherita priced at £4.75. 

Only fresh ingredients are used in the preparation of these tasty pizzas. Choose a Marinara if you need a savory vegan pizza in London, a delicious Fiorentina, or halal Pepperoni pizza if you want the real New York-style deal. Oh, did I mention that Icco Pizza is one of the only certified halal Italian restaurants in London? You read that right. 

Mr. White’s Leicester Square

mr whites leicester square best halal italian restaurants in london
Photo: Halal Joints

Now I know that there are plenty of halal restaurants in Leicester Square. Yet, I want to add this deliciousness of Italian food: Mr. White’s. Established by Marco Pierre White, this is one of the very best halal Italian restaurants in Central London, and there’s just nothing to say about it. Just how many restaurants in London care for Muslim patrons so much that they have a fully halal separate menu?

If you’re looking for the best halal steak in London, first of all, the 28-day aged ribeye steak is something you’ll want to try. The fancy halal fine dining restaurant puts much attention to the selection of their fresh ingredients, from meats to vegetables. Mr. White’s clearly isn’t one of the cheap Italian restaurants in London, what with a Margherita retailing for £13.95. Yes, but. A Margherita made with DOP mozzarella? Halal Italian food with Sicilian buffalo mozzarella? A 28-day aged butcher’s steak? Come on, now. You know that one tops even the most romantic halal restaurants in London with a view.

Best Italian Restaurants in Central London: Princi

princi soho best halal italian restaurants in london
Photo: Princi

I’ve decided to include one Italian restaurant in Central London in this list too, even if it’s not halal. Why? Because the vegetarian and vegan options there are amazing, and I know because I’ve tried them. The first one would be Princi. Although it’s not one of the cheap Italian restaurants in London, the 1985-founded Princi restaurant is quite affordable. I remember my first time visiting this Italian restaurant in Soho. I remember being blown away by the decor, the food, and the service. 

I’ve lived in Rome for a year before moving back to London. I’ve visited Florence, Apulia, and Napoli, home of the famous Neapolitan pizza. Like Italians, I do not joke about finding the best Italian food in London. A real authentic Neapolitan pizza is the only pizza that would ever touch my lips again. Real Italian food changes you in many ways. Rocco Princi’s first Italian restaurant in Milan saw the best pizza in the city attract many customers. Then, he added real Italian coffee, of the likes you can find in the proper Italian cafes in London. And the authentic cornetti kept appealing masses.

Prince menu: decadent Italian food in london 

On the menu of this restaurant – probably the best Italian in London, you can find decadent Margherita. That’s a basic I always come to when I’m first trying out an Italian restaurant. The Quattro Formaggi is another staple of Princi, and an amazing one at that. But if you also want to find the best breakfast in London, guess where you should go? Princi bakes super tasty cornetti, fagotini, cannoli, tiramisu, and all kinds of delicious breakfast bits to go with your coffee. 

It’s no wonder why I deem Princi to be one of the best Italian restaurants in Central London. The restaurant in Soho will always be my favorite, as I have great memories there. You’ll soon understand why there are Princi restaurants in Milan, Chicago, Shanghai, Dubai, and even New York City. 

13 Delicious Halal Italian Restaurants in London – Halal Pizza, Pasta…

There you have them, some of my favorite halal Italian restaurants in London. Sure enough, I’ll soon write guides for you for some of the best halal pizza and Italian bakeries in London. I am a sucker for the Neapolitan pastry zeppola, usually eaten during celebrations, and I really want to show you one or two London Italian bakeries where you can pick them up!

Now, all that’s left to do is actually pick one, or some of the amazing spots for halal Italian food in London. There’s so much on the menu, and authentic Italian restaurants are a true gamechanger. As are other types of cuisines in London, like they do at halal Thai restaurants. Now, if you’re looking for more exquisite halal food in London, you might want to check this out:

Until next time!

PS. Did you know there’s an upside down house in London?